Friends of the Earth Scotland’s response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on introducing market restrictions on single-use plastic items in Scotland.

Given that urgent action is needed to tackle the plastic crisis, Friends of the Earth Scotland fully supports the ban on single-use products listed under the consultation (excluding those needed for medical use and to support independent living) as the next logical step to eliminating problematic plastic items.

However, if we are to truly address the problem of plastic pollution the then Scottish Government must go further than the SUP Directive, including the reintroduction of an ambitious Circular Economy Bill. It’s also imperative the conversation addresses Ineos’ petrochemical plant in Grangemouth, the largest producer of plastic in the UK and we urge the Scottish Government to give the  Grangemouth Future Industry Board the remit to map out a Just Transition and a strong future for Grangemouth with the phasing out of fossil fuel based plastic production.