Briefing for MSPs about the Our Power report

The demands contained within this briefing make clear that the narrative put forward by industry about the need for continued fossil fuel extraction to preserve jobs is untrue and insincere.

The experience of current offshore workers shows that they are treated as disposable in an industry motivated entirely by profit, and that they are ready to fight for a better future. These demands should give politicians the confidence to advocate for a rapid, equitable transition that builds on the vision put forward by workers.

For every one of these demands there are clear actions and steps that the Scottish Government and Parliament can take to act on the expertise of energy workers and put Scotland on a pathway to a real just transition. What workers and the planet need now is for politicians to take serious action to deliver the clear and essential changes put forward in this report.

It is backed by unions and climate organisations, and should be seen by decision-makers as a toolkit for transforming our energy system.

A revised, robust Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan would be able to address many of these issues and create the framework for a truly Just Transition in Scotland. The Scottish Government must amend the ESJTP and ensure that the principles of a just transition and the demands outlined below are incorporated into the final draft.