Road transport accounts for around 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK and emissions from cars have been steadily rising over recent times. Around a quarter of all car trips in 2002/03 in Britain were under 2 miles. Get out of your car for at least one out of three journeys of less than two miles.    

The average school trip is three miles.  That would take less than half an hour by bike.  A survey found that more than 30% of children would like to cycle to school but only 1% actually do.  If you have children, ask them if they would rather cycle to school and if they say yes – do it!    

[img_assist|nid=301|title=Riding a bike|desc=The most efficient machine in the world. Photo: Carlos Paes|link=none|align=middle|width=450|height=339]Cycling is great exercise and the only fuel you need is food and drink! The National Cycle Network has more than 10,000 miles of walking and cycle routes. Get a bike for yourself and aim to use it at least once a month.    

69%of working people commute to work in a car or van. The health benefits of walking are clear and so are the environmental benefits.  Every time you walk instead of using your car, you are helping to slow climate change.  If you can, walk to work at least once a fortnight.  If it’s too far to walk all the way, park the car at least half a mile fromwork and walk from there.    

Over the past ten years carbon dioxide emissions from rail have almost halved in the UK due largely to modern and refurbished rolling stock. Travelling by bus and train is far more environmentally friendly than by plane or car.  If you travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow by train your carbon dioxide emissions will be 4.6kg,  but if you drive your car will emit 16.6kg. Always opt for the train if you can.    
If you have a local bus service, then getting the bus is much more climate friendly than getting in your car.  Next time you’re making a journey of more that two miles, take the bus instead.    

Air travel is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide.  Ifyou fly from Edinburgh to London and back you will be responsible for almost 700kg of carbon dioxide being released. If you are travelling long distances within the UK, always avoid flying.