The Fukushima nuclear disaster in March this year, while ongoing, has slipped down the news agenda over the summer. It has been pushed outside our immediate attention by the economy and the News International hacking scandal. As late as today (2 August) The Guardian reported that Fukushima radiation reaches lethal levels. If you needed a reminder why we don’t need nuclear power, Fukushima was the worst kind of wake-up call. I feels like the past coming back to haunt us, but Friends of the Earth Scotland are calling to action to stop nuclear power in Scotland.

foes nuclear demoIn the shadow of Fukushima, some European governments have realised that trying to replace our dependency on fossil fuels with nuclear power is not a viable move. Nuclear power is simply to dangerous and too expensive, and the waste it leaves behind is a risk to the environment for hundreds of thousands of years into the future. You can donate to help us to play our part in the European campaign against nuclear power.

Despite the reality, the UK Government is pressing on with their plan to build eight new nuclear power stations. And in our own back yard, the Scottish Government is “perfectly open to extension of the life of the existing nuclear power stations”, as Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing told the Scottish Parliament as late as June 2011. That’s why we are asking you to help us to ensure that Scotland’s nuclear power stations are closed as soon as possible.

Friends of

the Earth Scotland was born in 1978 out of the Scottish opposition against nuclear power, and the struggle is continuing to this day, and will until the last nuclear power station in Scotland has been shut down.

Please donate to our campaign today and help us campaign against nuclear power.