Young Friends of the Earth Scotland is bringing you an online skillshare for young activists! This series of events is open to anyone, anywhere, aged 14-30 with an interest in social and environmental justice.

Events will run 13th-26th of April, and end with us all planning an action together! You can attend as few or as many sessions as you like. Find out more about the planned sessions below. Some are ticketed – don’t forget to secure your place!

6pm, Monday 13th April
A workshop where we will reflect on our own identities, explore some dynamics of diversity, think about how power and privilege plays out in online spaces, and how to create accessible and inclusive spaces online.
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6pm, Wednesday 15th April
What does activism look like in a time of social distancing? What tactics are still available to us? Who can we learn from? This workshop will explore the power we still wield in this new context, what we’ve lost, but also what we stand to gain.
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7pm, Thursday 16th April
In 2019, Louise and her partner left their lives in Scotland behind for a small shed in France. Join us to hear from Louise about her experience, learn about building a sustainable house, about foraging and resilience, and most importantly about building community.
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2pm, Saturday 18th April
How can we combat injustices at universities when we are confined in our homes and scattered from our campuses? What could universities do to mitigate the effects of the virus on their staff and students? How could their resources be used to support local communities during this crisis? We’ll try to answer these questions together.
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6pm, Monday 20th April
What are zines? Why make them? How do I make one? An hour-long structured workshop exploring zines and breaking down barriers to making them (with fun games!), followed by an informal half hour Q&A and co-zine-ing session to think about ways to contribute to a digital YFoES Skillshare zine.
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6pm, Wednesday 22nd April
In the climate movement we often hear the term “climate justice” thrown around. But what does it really mean? In this workshop we will dig into this term, taking a global view, exploring different facets of climate justice and thinking about how it affects our organising and campaigning
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6.30pm, Thursday 23rd April
This workshop will provide an introduction to fossil fuel divestment through the campaigns operating here in Scotland, offer some basic training on the types of campaigning strategies that have been successful in the past, and introduce you to which campaigns you can get involved or how to set up a campaign of your own.
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2pm, Saturday 25th of April
An introduction to direct action adapted to our current social distancing world! Run by Tripod: Training for Social Action. In this workshop we will explore what we think effective direct action looks like, how do form affinity groups as a basis for DA planning, what extra considerations around legal risks and accessibility are there in the current situation and have an open discussion on what Direct Action could look like within a lockdown and social distancing environment.
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2pm, Sunday 26th April
After two whole weeks of activist skillshare, we’re going to come together and plan and then carry out an action which we can do in lockdown! This session will give you lots of tools for planning your own actions, as well as resulting in something we can all take part in.
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We may be adding some more fun events and social hangouts – watch this space!

We have lowered our age restrictions to 14 for these online events to reach as many young activists as possible, especially as so many young people are not currently in school. For this reason our safer spaces considerations will be stricter than usual.

These events are run by young people, for young people. Please respect our age restrictions. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Safer Spaces policy before attending any events.

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland is a grassroots network of young people from across Scotland, working collectively for social and environmental justice. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.