Who is on our Board?

The Board is made up of volunteers with a wide range of skills and backgrounds including:

  • Media and communications
  • Envionmental law
  • Politics
  • Public health
  • Finance and IT
  • Academia
  • Local groups.

What they share is overwhelming commitment to the aims of Friends of the Earth and a willingness to give up their time to help the organisation work effectively.

Would you like to join the Board?

We will be looking for new Board members in the run up to our AGM in mid-2019.

Board members are elected by the membership at our AGM. Board members have to be paid-up members of FoE Scotland, but can join on the day of the AGM. Candidates need to be proposed and seconded by two existing members of FoE Scotland. Board members are elected to serve for three years and can stand for re-election for a second three year term before standing down.

We particularly welcome nominations from ethnic minorities, women and young people, who are currently under represented on our Board. Employees of INEOS and their PR firms need not apply.

There is a job description for Board members and a Code of Conduct, along with nomination form here.

What do our Board members do?

The Board has a number of duties to carry out including:

  • formulating, reviewing and monitoring the strategic direction of the organisation
  • ensuring proper governance, financial and ethical responsibility
  • providing support for the Director and staff.

They aim to represent the interests of Friends of the Earth Scotland members as expressed through the AGM and other consultations.

If you are a member, you can email us or call the office on 0131 243 2700 if you would like the board meeting minutes sent to you.

How are they elected?

Members are elected at our Annual General Meeting each year, normally for a 3-year term.  They can also be co-opted on the Board at any time if special skills are needed.

Nominees need to have been members of Friends of the Earth Scotland and to be nominated by two other members.

How much of a time commitment is it?

The full Board meets 5 or 6 times a year. Board meetings are usually in our office in Edinburgh and some members regularly attend by phone or Skype. There is an Executive of office bearers, which meets more frequently, and short life ad hoc groups can be set up to pursue various tasks.

The Executive is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, the Director, one staff representaive and two other Board members. This group meets between Board meetings to take any necessary interim decisions and support the Director.

What sort of people are you looking for?

The Board aims to encourage a balance of skills, expertise, backgrounds, and geographical spread. All Board members are expected to subscribe in writing to the principles of corporate working and to accept the financial, legal and other accountability responsibilities that go with serving on the Board of a charity. The Board is not the vehicle for pursuit of single interest campaigning.

Standing orders presently set a maximum of 15 Board members (excluding co-optees). Co-optees are appointed by the Board to provide specialist skills to support the organisation and its work. They serve for up to a year at a time and do not have voting rights.

Do Board members get paid?

All Board members are volunteers but Board members can claim for reasonable public transport travel costs.