88% of Scottish adults concerned about plastic pollution

New polling has shown very high levels of concern among Scottish adults about plastic pollution, with 60% actively trying to do more to reduce the amount they use. However, 40% have had a reusable container refused in the last year, making it harder to take action.

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What’s next for Scotland’s circular economy?

Almost a year after Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill was postponed, we look ahead to what’s next for Scotland’s transition to a circular economy.

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Will Scotland ban single-use plastics in 2021?

Single-use plastic items are a symbol of the throwaway culture, but by next year, many of these ‘disposable’ items will be banned across Europe.

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Gas imports clash with fracking ban

A French energy giant has abandoned a 7 bilion dollar deal to import fracked gas from the US due to climate concerns.

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Plastic free periods: the growing inequality issue

During this week’s Environmenstrual Week, we’re looking at how plastic free periods are a growing inequality issue.

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Grangemouth Complex, Scotland 2017

How fracking in America makes Scotland the home of plastic production

As global plastic production increases, we look at where all the plastic is actually coming from.

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How one woman stemmed the tide of period pollution

Find out more about the End Period Plastic Campaigner Ella Daish.

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Will bioplastics solve the problem of plastic pollution?

As we rush to replace fossil fuel based plastics with alternatives, we look at whether bioplastics are actually as environmentally friendly as they claim to be.

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Supermarket food wrapped in plastic

What do people really think about plastic?

We reveal what people really think about plastic and how hard it can be to reduce the pointless plastic in your life.

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