On Monday 1st Nov, we invite you to Raise the Banners for Climate Justice!

The UN Climate Talks (COP26) are taking place at a historic moment. The climate crisis is escalating around the world, hitting those least responsible and least well off the hardest. Justice won’t easily be handed to us by world leaders at the COP. We are the ones who have to demand it.

On Monday 1st November, World Leaders will meet in Glasgow. This action is for everyone – if you plan to attend the global day of action for climate justice, bring your banner along.

Even if you are not coming to the demo, hang your banner outside your house or workplace on Nov 1. This is the brilliant way to make our voices heard. Let’s make sure government leaders can’t miss our demands for climate justice.

Our aim is to cover the streets of Glasgow and the UK on November 1 with banners that have YOUR messages of climate justice!

Climate Justice Now banner

Your message

Step 1: Make your own at home or join together with others in your community to create banners. This is an opportunity to tell the story of what justice means to you and your community.

This can be about climate change or climate justice, but it can also be about other struggles for justice in your community – does your local area need less polluted streets? Do you want to send a message on migrant or racial justice? Do you need cheaper and more accessible public transport?

Talk to your kids, other people in your street or your workmates. A huge number of people are starting to realise just how serious the climate crisis is – this is our opportunity to move the conversation to climate justice, asking urgent questions of taking action together and holding those in power to account.

Let the World See

Step 2: Hang a banner from your window, or outside your school, work place, church or another public space.

If you are not from Glasgow but would like your message to be hung in the streets of the host city, you can send your banner to us.

​​We would need to receive the banner by Friday 29th October. So please send it by no later than Monday 25th, to factor in delays in the post.
Address: COP26 Coalition, 204 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4HW

We will write with more details soon on our social media plan to let the world see us Raise of the Banners for Climate Justice.

Banner making guide

1. Who do you want to make the banner with?

This is a perfect opportunity to work with schools, your faith group, sports club, youth group or other community groups. This provides an opportunity to talk about climate change, climate justice or other local struggles that you care about – and to share these concerns with the wider community.

It is also a great activity to do alone if that is what you prefer.

Together we are more powerful than we can ever imagine – together we can fill the streets with our messages and demands!

Campaigners painting an anti-fracking banner

Painting anti-fracking banner at Summer Weekender 20172. Decide your message

Think about the climate crisis and related injustices – what do you want to say to your community and/or to world leaders.

Make it short, concise and snappy! You can also make it personal, speak from the heart!

The length of your message might decide the size of your banner or vice versa.

If you are stumped for ideas here is a list of the COP26 Coalition’s demands.

3. Get a large piece of material or paper

The bigger the better! But also think where you can realistically hang it from (how tall are the school or village hall rails, how wide is your window and how will you attach it?)

The material can be an old bed sheet, other material or large pieces of scrap paper.

4. Get designing and painting!

Choose your medium. Paint is the best for big (and often small!) banners – and as it is brighter and goes further.

Once you have decided on the message, decide if you want to include a symbol
or image too. We would recommend you keep it simple!

Practice designing it first on another piece of paper – it will take several attempts. Once you feel like you have got it right, sketch it out on the banner paper/material you will use. Measure the letters and space them evenly – it is not a great look when the letters get smaller towards the end!

If you are using paint, put some sheets or other materials you don’t mind getting messy down underneath or do it on a floor where paint stains won’t be a problem.

Need some inspiration? Here are lots of different examples of banners that feminist activists have made over the years – using sturdy tape (like gaffer tape) https://cargocollective.com/shirishalmy/banners

5. Decide where to hang the banner

Choose a location where it will be well seen – such as on the railings of your school or community centre or outside your home.

If it is a small banner or poster, put it in your window so your neighbours can see.

We will be in touch soon with specific steps for on the day to coordinate the Raising of the Banners and getting this seen by the world!