Key information about how we tackle climate change, why COP26 matters and how you can get involved

This page will guide you to the answers to your climate questions. It explains the climate solutions we should be putting in place, all about the UN climate talks COP26 in Glasgow, and why you should get involved in taking climate action.

How do we solve climate change in a fair way?

What is climate change?

Avoiding making the wrong climate choices

Many of the ‘solutions’ put forward by polluters could make climate change worse and will fail to create a fairer society.

Learn more about these proposals including net-zero claims, carbon capture, carbon markets and nature-based solutions

How can I get involved?

Why should I get involved in activities around COP?

How can I get involved now?

There are lots of great ways to help out, share your home or take action in your community.

Join a local hub to find out about local events

Be a volunteer to help support events

Host an climate visitor

Attend an event

Where is the big Climate March?

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