Join our People Power Network to get access to resources, support, training, connect with existing groups or start a new one, and get involved in our bold and exciting campaigns. 

Our campaigns are bold, ambitious and tackle the root causes of the climate crisis. In this vital year of the UN climate talks (COP26) in Glasgow, we are taking on the big polluters, campaigning to end north sea oil and gas extraction, secure a just transition for workers and communities, stop financing of fossil fuels, transform our wasteful economy and end toxic air pollution.

To win, we need people across the country to be taking action, fighting for real solutions and holding decision makers to account.

This is why we are scaling up the support we offer to individual activists, local communities and groups fighting for a fairer and fossil free Scotland.

People Power Assembly
People Power Assembly, Paris 2015 Credit: Victor Barro/ FOEI

What is the People Power Network?

The People Power Network is a place for anyone who wants to get active and campaign for a fairer, fossil free Scotland. Whether you want to get active around the UN Climate Talks in Glasgow, contribute to a national push to get MSPs’ pensions out of fossil fuel investments, resist new fossil fuel infrastructure in your local area or demand your council cleans up their act on air pollution, we can help you run a strong and effective campaign.

As part of our network you will be able to:

  • Keep up to with the latest plans as UN climate talks (COP26) approaches
  • Take part in Friends of the Earth’s activities and events in the run up to during UN climate talks
  • Get connected to campaign groups and people looking to get active in your area
  • Access resources on everything from how to start a group, to campaign strategy, to lobbying politicians
  • Access FoES policy briefings for key campaigns and major issues
  • Network with other groups working on similar campaigns across Scotland
  • Request 1:1 support and coaching from FoES Campaigners and Activism staff
  • Join bespoke training programmes focused on skilling up local campaigners on topics such as community organising
  • Join the media spokesperson list to help your campaign get media attention and ensure your voice is heard on relevant local issues
  • Get connected to our Friends of the Earth International federation to hear about campaigns from all around the globe

What can I do now?

Join the FoES mailing list and tick the People Power Network box to keep up to date with developments and be the first to know about the launch!

Stage People Power Assembly, Paris 2015
People Power Assembly, Paris 2015 Credit: Victor Barro/ FOEI