Birthdays are normally a time to get together and celebrate with friends and family. If you’ve had to cancel your birthday party and won’t be seeing people for a while, how about setting up a Facebook fundraiser instead?

By asking friends and family to donate to Friends of the Earth Scotland for your birthday, you’ll be helping to fund urgent campaigns for a green and just recovery from Coronavirus, a safer climate and less pollution. You’ll also be encouraging meaningful, zero-waste, eco-friendly gifting! 

Setting up your birthday fundraiser from your laptop, computer or smartphone is easy – simply follow the steps below. 

  1. Follow this link  to the Facebook fundraising page. If you’re using a smartphone, this will take you to the browser version of Facebook – not the app. Just make sure you’re logged into Facebook on your browser too, otherwise the steps below won’t work. 
  2. Friends of the Earth Scotland is automatically selected as your charity of choice. Choose how much you want to raise and when you want the fundraiser to end – we recommend ending it a week after your birthday.
  3. Click the next button, and enter the name of your fundraiser and why you’re raising money for us. Use some inspiring reasons to encourage your friends and family to donate.
  4. Click next. Select an image. Done!