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New evidence for low carbon alternative to incineration and landfill

A new report shows that biostabilisation, a way of managing waste, has significant carbon savings over incineration and landfill. 

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Strong public support for circular economy targets

A new report shows there is strong public support for targets to reduce consumption to be included in a new circular economy law in Scotland.

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Campaigners say we should consider the climate this Black Friday

Environmental campaigners say we should resist the shopping frenzy this Black Friday for the sake of the planet.

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Waste uncertainty in Aberdeen as incinerator delayed

The NESS incinerator in Aberdeen is not complete as it’s due to start accepting waste from three councils.

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New stats reveal Scotland is sending more waste to incineration and landfill

New statistics reveal that Scotland sent more waste to incineration and landfill in 2021 than in 2020.

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Plans to demolish Wyndford Estate are unsustainable

Plans to demolish four blocks on Wyndford Estate in Glasgow go against the council’s climate commitments.

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Programme for Government 2022-23 reaction

Commenting on the Scottish Programme for Government, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s head of campaigns Mary Church said: “There is a welcome recognition in the Programme for Government that the…

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Scotland’s deposit return scheme due to launch in one year

Scotland’s deposit return scheme is due to launch in a year, but concerns remain over if this will be met by the Scottish Government.

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Urgent action needed as we hit Earth Overshoot Day

Today marks Earth Overshoot Day – the day when humanity’s demand for ecological resources exceeds what the Earth can generate that year.

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