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UK Government “pouring fuel on the fire” as Jackdaw field approved

Environmental campaigners have slammed the UK Government’s approval of Shell’s plans to develop the Jackdaw gas field as ignoring climate science and entrenching reliance on gas despite the energy price…

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Cambo: Billion pound ‘gamble’ risks our collective safety

New owners doesnt change the fact that Cambo oil field is bad for climate and household energy bills.

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UK Energy Strategy: new oil & gas is ‘unbelievably reckless’

The new UK Energy Strategy is criticised for expanding the production of climate-wrecking oil and gas.

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a group of people holding flags around a stack of black barrels painted with white letter spelling out stop cambo. the river clyde and the Glasgow science museum are visible in the background

Cambo oil field: Licence extension keeps doomed project on ‘life support’

Criticism of UK Government decision to grant a 2 year extension to the licence to develop the controversial Cambo oil field.

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Shell slammed for oil and gas expansion plans

Environmental campaigners have slammed oil giant Shell for trying to capitalise on the war in Ukraine as an excuse to expand their UK oil and gas operations.

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oil platform and ship in the ocean

UK climate advisors call for ‘tighter limit’ on oil and gas

UKCCC advice bolsters calls for end to new oil licenses in a bid to curb dangerous climate warming

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‘Obscene’ BP profits show broken energy system in UK

Environmental campaigners have said that BP’s ‘obscene’ profits of $12.8bn (£9.5bn) today will come at a cost of misery for millions of people in the UK. Campaigners said that the…

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UK Energy System is ‘Fundamentally Broken’

Energy Price Rises & Oil Company Profits Show that the UK Energy System is ‘Fundamentally Broken’

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Shell pull out of Cambo oil project

Climate campaigners have responded to Shell’s decision to pull out of the controversial Cambo oil field saying this is the end of the line for the project. The UK Government…

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