Commenting on the Climate Change Committee’s criticism of Scottish Government’s plan to hit 2030 climate targets.

The report says “There is no comprehensive strategy for Scotland to decarbonise towards net zero” and criticised the delays to the publication of the Government’s Climate Plan.

The report called for significantly increased action across transport, insulation of buildings, restoration of peatland and tree planting,

The Scottish Government declared a climate emergency in 2019 but has not implemented an emergency response, despite the increase in extreme weather events and public concern about climate breakdown.

The Scottish Government is also considering the approval of a new power station at Peterhead that would burn fossil gas to generate electricity.

Friends of the Earth Scotland head of campaigns Imogen Dow said

“The chickens have come home to roost for a Scottish Government that has repeatedly failed to implement the changes needed since the introduction of the climate targets over a decade ago. This is an embarrassing and abject failure of politicians to deliver on their legal commitments to the Scottish people.

“Good climate policies are popular and can change people’s lives for the better from warm, well-insulated homes to affordable public transport run in the public interest. Yet Ministers have been either unwilling or unable to stand up to the oil lobbyists, the car fanatics and the climate delayers who have blocked necessary progress.

“The improved 2030 climate target was supported by all the parties in the Scottish Parliament just a few years ago, so every MSP must be redoubling their work to ensure we can deliver on this vital commitment. We look forward to a strong Climate Change Plan to be published ASAP so that we have a clear strategy on how the Scottish Ministers will reach these legally binding targets.”

Notes to Editors

The Climate Change Committee report & accompanying press release ‘Scotland’s 2030 climate goals are no longer credible’ is available from CCC: https://www.theccc.org.uk/2024/03/20/scotlands-2030-climate-goals-are-no-longer-credible/

The Scottish Parliament voted for a 75% emissions reduction target in 2019. All parties voted for the 2030 targets. The target is legally binding and the Scottish Government must introduce a Climate Change Plan that explains how they will implement they will meet the targets.

The Scottish Government declared a climate emergency in 2019.

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