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dried up lake

World breaches 1.5°C temperature limit for first time

Politicians’ unwillingness to choose the safety of people over the profits of fossil fuel companies has brought us beyond this critical temperature milestone.  

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Action demanded to fix climate blind spot

Climate campaigners are demanding that the new Circular Economy Bill fixes a huge “climate blind spot” by addressing the emissions from goods made overseas but consumed in Scotland.

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UK Government ‘has given up on climate’ after latest oil exploration round

Workers need a real transition plan that can help them shift to secure green jobs, not political stunts that lock us into fossil fuels for longer.

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New waste plan doesn’t go far or fast enough to reduce consumption

It’s encouraging to see that the Scottish Government recognises the role that our unsustainable levels of consumption plays in the climate crisis but this must be matched by a desire to tackle it. 

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COP28 president Sultan Al Jaber speaking from a lectern in front of two flags

Controversial COP28 oil company buys into Scottish carbon capture greenwash project

The UAE oil giant has the biggest fossil fuel expansion plans in the world.

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Polluted politics: Fossil fuel lobbyists met MSPs almost 800 times

The revelations come as concern grows about the corrupting influence of oil companies on Scotland’s efforts to tackle climate breakdown.

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COP28 failure on fossil fuels ‘must not be an excuse at home’

The final COP decision included reference to “transition away” from fossil fuels but does not include the fast, fair and funded phase out that is needed.

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Study exposes ‘gaping chasm’ in Scottish climate plans due to carbon capture over-reliance

Reality must finally be dawning on Ministers after new research downgraded the estimation of how much carbon could be captured by these controversial technologies

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'No new Peterhead gas' protestors at front of Scottish Parliament

Scottish Government warned Peterhead fossil fuel power plans are ‘house of cards’ as COP28 begins

Campaigners warn approving new fossil fuel power at Peterhead would lock Scotland into using fossil fuels for decades, shackling household energy bills to prices set by volatile global gas markets.

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