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Workplace Parking Levy Stage 2 Briefing (June 2019)

17th June 2019, by Fergus Boden

This briefing sets out why Friends of the Earth Scotland supports the workplace parking levy, ahead of the stage two proceedings of the Transport (Scotland) Bill – which has potential to introduce the WPL. The briefing also addresses some of the amendments which have been brought forward, which risk weakening the implementation of the WPL....

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Briefing for 20mph speed limits debate

11th June 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Parliamentary briefing supporting 20mph speed limits Bill. The Bill would mean safer streets, increased walking and cycling and help tackle air pollution.

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FoES Briefing on Transport Bill Stage 2

4th June 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Briefing for MSPs on the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee ahead of Stage 2 of the Transport Bill. 

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Parliamentary Evidence on the Scottish National Investment Bank

7th May 2019, by Ric Lander

Evidence for the Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee on the Scottish National Investment Bank.

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Green New Deal: Parliamentary Briefing (April 2019)

24th April 2019, by Fergus Boden

'Green New Deal' Briefing for The Scottish Parliament debate

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Transport Bill Stage 1 Debate Briefing (April 2019)

1st April 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Briefing ahead of the Scottish Parliament Stage 1 Debate of the Transport Bill. 

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Divest Scotland – Briefing for MSPs

15th March 2019, by Ric Lander

Divest Scotland is a campaign building support for the Scottish Government, and the Scottish Parliament itself, to invest in a sustainable future, free from fossil fuels, including: The Scottish National Investment Bank Bill must put the transition to a zero carbon economy at the heart of the Bank’s work and rule out investing in fossil...

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Workplace Parking Levies Parliamentary Briefing (Feb 2019)

20th February 2019, by Gavin Thomson

This Levy will help fulfil goals across the political spectrum including tackling air pollution, reducing climate emissions and funding public transport.

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Letter in support of Workplace Parking Levy

12th February 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Transport and environmental campaigners have written to leaders of political parties expressing support for the Workplace Parking Levy proposals.

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