Friends of the Earth Scotland’s response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030.  


Scotland urgently needs to transform the way we consume and manage resources. It is a matter of global justice and essential to the lives and welfare of current and future generations both in Scotland and overseas. To do this, Scotland must create a circular economy, where material consumption is reduced to sustainable levels, by 2045.

The Scottish Government’s leadership is critical to success. Whilst the stated ambition in this consultation is welcomed, the measures described are insufficient to deliver the systemic changes needed to our entire economy.

Indeed, the failure to properly address issues which will have widespread impacts on the health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland, and the employment of many thousands, is a failure of the Scottish Government in its duty to protect its citizens from harm.

The lack of progress to improve waste management service in Scotland over the last decade is evidence that the current approach has not worked. The people of Scotland, people around the world involved in the supply of the materials for the Scottish economy and our global environment are unfairly paying the price for this failure. The Scottish Government must learn from these mistakes.