Today the Scottish Parliament voted to support and strengthen the Scottish Government’s proposal to ban fracking! This effectively ends any hope the industry had of drilling in Scotland, and is another big step on the way to a fossil-free Scotland.

The ban is a huge victory for the anti-fracking movement, particularly for communities on the frontline who have been campaigning against unconventional oil and gas these last six years. Today’s decision will protect Scotland’s people and the environment from the dirty industry and boost the global fight against fracking.

MSPs voted for the Scottish Government’s proposal to use planning and environmental regulation powers to effectively ban the fracking industry ‘indefinitely’. Amendments proposed by the Labour Party, Greens and Liberal Democrats – all of whom are opposed to fracking – to strengthen the ban position were also passed with the support of the SNP. This means the ban will be written into the National Planning Framework. Only the Conservative Party opposed the ban.

Crucially, today’s vote leaves the door open for the Parliament to put the fracking ban into law when licensing powers finally come to Holyrood. This is important, since the current ban relies on an anti-fracking party being in Government. The powers were devolved following the 2014 independence referendum, but delays with a commencement order mean they have not technically been transferred yet.

Over 60,000 people called on the Scottish Government to ban fracking, clearly demonstrating that there is no social license for this industry in Scotland, and a firm mandate to ban it in law. We will be pushing to ensure that happens.

We’re writing a Thank You card to those MSPs who voted for a fracking ban  

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