'No new Peterhead gas' protestors at front of Scottish Parliament

Scottish Government warned Peterhead fossil fuel power plans are ‘house of cards’ as COP28 begins

Campaigners warn approving new fossil fuel power at Peterhead would lock Scotland into using fossil fuels for decades, shackling household energy bills to prices set by volatile global gas markets.

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Our Letter to the First Minister about COP28 & Peterhead Power Station

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Peterhead Power Station at Night

Scottish Government warned Peterhead fossil gas plans are ‘climate disaster’ on eve of COP28

The Scottish Government must not undermine the transition to renewables and allow the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

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Grangemouth closure fears show need for a just transition plan

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SSE company logo

SSE: Scotland’s biggest polluter rakes in obscene profits

Energy giant announces £565million in profits in just 6 months.

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‘Despicable decision’ to hand out new oil licences by UK Government

The UK Government is acting in service of a fossil fuel industry that has been raking in billions in profits whilst households across the country have been forced into fuel poverty.

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male protestor holding two signs about equinor profits and rosebank oil field

Fossil fuel giant Equinor profits ‘add insult to injury’ amidst extreme weather chaos

Campaigners are highlighting the link between the companies continuing to push for fossil fuel extraction and the storms and floods made worse by climate breakdown.

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women in front of Stop Rosebank rose wall

Rosebank approval shows ‘climate denial’ from UK Government

The approval comes despite the mounting climate crisis and scientists’ repeated warnings that the use of fossil fuels must be significantly reduced this decade. 

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Edinburgh march calls for fast and fair transition away from fossil fuels

Climate campaigners march through Edinburgh to demand the UK and Scottish Governments develop a plan for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels.

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