The Role of the Scottish Government in the Phase Out of Oil & Gas

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified this decade as our last chance to make the “rapid and deep emissions reductions” required to limit warming to 1.5ºC. At the same time, our current energy system, which is delivering billions in profits to oil and gas companies every year, is pushing millions of people in Scotland into fuel poverty. This means that a rapid, yet just, transition away from fossil fuels to clean, affordable, renewable energy is an urgent necessity. 

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Scottish Government oppose issuing new oil and gas licences

We welcome the statement that the Scottish Government “does not agree with the UK Government issuing new oil and gas licences”.

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protestors in front of banners at COP27

COP27: Rich countries cynically bargaining the future of planet 

As we race towards climate breakdown, rich countries are trying to evade their responsibility to do their fair share of climate action.

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Stop Rosebank logo

COP27: Sturgeon accused of dodging the question on Rosebank oil field

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promotional graphic GDA NOV 12 Edinburgh COP27 Mass Mobilisations

Climate march will put spotlight on polluting banks and fossil fuel supporters

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Rosebank MSP Briefing

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COP27: UK & Scottish Governments must ‘set an end date’ for fossil fuels to meet climate goals

The UN have warned that action must be ramped up to avoid future climate catastrophe.

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Delivering Rosebank roses to the Norwegian consulate Edinburgh

‘Oily’ roses used to expose toxic relationships around Rosebank oil field

Campaigners delivered roses to companies and groups connected to Norwegian oil giant Equinor to expose their toxic relationships with the Rosebank oil field.

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Image of Gorse in Saint Fitticks Park

Campaigners raise ‘serious questions’ about direction of £500million Just Transition Fund

Millions going towards companies, many of which are backed by the fossil fuel industry, plus funding for a contentious project to destroy community greenspace in Aberdeen.

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