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SeaChange report shows how we can protect climate and create jobs

15th May 2019, by Mary Church

New research shows UK oil and gas drilling plans will breach climate commitments. But a just transition to clean energy will create three times as many jobs.

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Flying into trouble

14th May 2019, by Richard Dixon

Scottish Government decision to abandon their tax cut for flying was the right choice for the climate.

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Responding to the climate emergency

7th May 2019, by Richard Dixon

What do you do in a national emergency, and what more action must the Scottish Government take?

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Scotland is now set to aim for net-zero climate emissions by 2045, but will that tackle the climate emergency?

2nd May 2019, by Caroline Rance

The net-zero climate target is an important signal that everything needs to change, but we must act to reduce emissions by 2030.

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Crucial climate calculations will set targets for coming decades

30th April 2019, by Richard Dixon

Expert advice is likely to encourage Scottish & UK Governments to increase their climate targets, but not by enough in the crucial next decade.

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‘Running Out Of Time’ Climate Rally

3rd April 2019, by admin

Highlights from the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Rally outside the Scottish Parliament.

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Support for youth climate strikes must mean real action, not more empty words

14th March 2019, by Caroline Rance

Adults need to use their positions to make the changes the climate strikers demand.

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How to contact your MSPs about the school climate strike

11th March 2019, by admin

How to find your MSPs and tell them why you are joining the climate strike.

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The (non) future of oil and gas

4th February 2019, by Richard Dixon

The Westminster Committee's report into future of oil and gas fails to reflect reality of climate change.

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