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Support for youth climate strikes must mean real action, not more empty words

14th March 2019, by Caroline Rance

Adults need to use their positions to make the changes the climate strikers demand.

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How to contact your MSPs about the school climate strike

11th March 2019, by admin

How to find your MSPs and tell them why you are joining the climate strike.

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The (non) future of oil and gas

4th February 2019, by Richard Dixon

The Westminster Committee's report into future of oil and gas fails to reflect reality of climate change.

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Environmental highlights 2018

20th December 2018, by admin

Highlights from our campaign work protecting Scotland's environment in 2018.

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If we are to tackle climate change, we must change the system

18th December 2018, by Mary Church

The failure of governments to address the root causes of the multiple crises we face is creating dangerous politics and systemic problems.

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People power shines as UN climate talks fail to deliver

17th December 2018, by Caroline Rance

People have the solutions to the climate crisis, but polluters and politicians want to slow down the pace of action.

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Actions speak louder than words on climate change

5th December 2018, by Caroline Rance

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was at the UN climate talks (COP24) in Poland but her actions do not live up to her words.

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Equity key to 1.5ºC as UN climate talks open

3rd December 2018, by Mary Church

Equity requires that historical polluters cut emissions faster, with massive reductions required over the course of the next decade.

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Why are climate activists calling for a rebellion?

15th November 2018, by Kate Whitaker

The climate crisis requires wholesale changes - we need people tackling this problem in every way.

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