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Get involved in Car Free Day 2022

Car Free Day takes place every year to encourage us to reimagine our transport system. It is an opportunity to think about how we move around and what changes we…

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Young people, climate justice and workers’ rights

Reflections on an event bringing together young climate activists and trade unionists to learn from one another and think about how we can better work together.

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Environmentalists have to take on economics!

Until we change the ways in which our economy works, ‘business-as-usual’ will continue to drive environmental destruction and climate breakdown. 

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Why council elections are crucial for the climate crisis

Local authorities play an important role in tackling the climate crisis, so these elections are going to be significant.

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30 years of progress is still not enough

Reflections on 30 years in the environmental movement – looking at welcome but insufficient progress.

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Warnings from a warming planet

Record-breaking temperatures at the poles and warnings about Amazon rainforest tipping point show a planet in danger

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What war in Ukraine means for energy

The terrible war in Ukraine is being used by opponents of green energy to promote more oil and gas, new nuclear and even fracking. None of which makes the slightest sense.

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Climate Change – it’s worse than you thought

The latest IPCC climate report warns of the impact of rising temperatures on billions of vulnerable people around the world.

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The idiocy of climate compatible oil and gas

The UK Government’s plan is a scam designed to enable business as usual for oil and gas drilling.

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How cushioned trainers made climate change worse

Sulphur hexafluoride is potent greenhouse gas that worsens climate change but we’ve been walking around with in our shoes for years.

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Gas price rise is worst moment to abandon green energy

Reducing investment in renewables to help people cope with energy bill rises caused by fossil fuels would be the worst of all options.

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Record-breaking weather shows the climate is changing fast

In Scotland the warmest Hogmanay on record was followed by the hottest New Year’s Day.

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