Scotland’s Climate Action

To tackle the climate crisis rich countries, including Scotland, must step up climate action now. That’s why we’re campaigning to improve Scotland’s new climate law to deliver urgent and real action.

We know that climate change is affecting people today.

Communities are already experiencing the impacts of man-made climate change, especially in the Global South, but also increasingly here in Europe. Those least responsible for causing climate change are harmed first and worst.

Friends of the Earth believes that European and other rich industrialised countries who are most responsible for causing climate change, must do their fair share to act first and fastest to combat climate change in ways that do not deepen social injustice. Scotland must play its part.


Scotland’s new Climate Law

The science is clear. To limit global warming we need urgent action in the next decade.

But the Scottish Government’s draft climate law, published in May 2018, kicks climate action into the long grass and pushes the burden for tackling climate change onto future generations.

We’re working to ensure the new Climate Change Act delivers our fair share of global greenhouse gas cuts, and builds a just transition towards a fairer, healthier, zero-carbon Scotland.

To set Scotland on a path consistent with the Paris Agreement aims of keeping global warming below 2ºC, and preferably to 1.5C, we need stronger targets, together with new policies to deliver rapid emissions cuts.

What does Scotland need to do?

Set stronger targets to cut climate emissions

  • step up action over the next decade: cut emissions 77% by 2030
  • end our contribution to climate change: reach net-zero emissions by 2040

Commit to urgent climate action

  • improve the energy efficiency of homes
  • reduce emissions from farming
  • ensure finance spending is consistent with our climate targets

The campaign so far

  • June 2017 – Scottish Government published proposals for the new Climate Bill. The government had chosen not to listen to the science, and proposed to do almost nothing extra to tackle climate change between now and 2030.
  • Summer 2017 – Almost 20,000 people responded to the government consultation, 99% of whom called for stronger targets and more climate action! Read our response.
  • May 2018 – The draft Climate Change Bill was published, but there’s a lot to improve!
  • Autumn 2018 – Scottish Parliament Environment & Climate Change committee start their inquiry into the draft law.


What have we won so far?

  • In September 2017, thanks to public pressure, the government listened to all of us and committed to two of the things we were asking for:
    • They pledged to phase out the sale of new fossil fuelled vehicles by 2032, which will help to bring down emissions from transport.
    • The Scottish Government also committed to establishing a Just Transition commission to advise the Government on how to make the move towards a low-carbon economy in a fair way. This was one of our key asks during the consultation, and will help ensure the benefits of a low carbon economy are shared within Scotland. We’re still fighting for this commission to be established in law.


What’s next?

The Bill must now pass through three stages in the Scottish Parliament before it can become law; during which time all MSPs will have the chance to debate, vote and suggest improvements to the Climate Bill.

Currently (March 2019), we’re at Stage 1 of the three stage process – the Parliament’s Environment & Climate Change committee have taken evidence from a wide variety of experts and stakeholders on what more Scotland could and should do to tackle climate change. That committee will publish a report of their findings on 4th March.

To improve the Bill, we need to work with all parties in the Parliament. Please help us by emailing your MSP today and asking them to support stronger targets.

It could be autumn 2019 before the Bill finally becomes law, and we need to keep up the pressure throughout the process.

Get Involved

To win this campaign we need people power

Growing movements for climate action, like the youth climate strikes, help to put pressure on our politicians to act.

Together, we can make sure Scotland steps up climate action to play our part in tackling the climate crisis and build a better future for everyone.

Get involved!

Email or visit your MSP, and tell them why you care about climate change.

Join a local group campaigning for climate action.