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Dozens of organisations demand Scottish Ministers reject polluting Peterhead gas plans

Pressure is growing on the Scottish Government to reject plans that would lock in climate pollution and high energy bills. 

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SSE is pulling the wool over your eyes!

People protested SSE’s fossil fuel expansion plans as the company announced £2.4billion annual profits.

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Equinor AGM protest: resisting new fossil fuels

The Norwegian oil giant’s plan to build new fossil fuel infrastructure both on and offshore must be stopped.

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Campaigners get fired up over Leith Biomass power plant

Yesterday (17 February) we got to meet local Leith residents, who are up in arms about Forth Energy’s plan to build a new power plant at the Leith Docks. The…

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Visiting Friends of the Earth Finland

Juliet Swann and I took a trip to Finland last week to assist Friends of the Earth Finland in their campaign for a national climate law.

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Little sense from Road Sense ruling

While the granting last week of the second ever Protective Expense Order in Scotland is in some ways a welcome step towards properly implementing the Aarhus Convention on Access to…

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The next stop on the No to Hunterston Roadshow

This Saturday we’ll be hitting the road (well, rails and water actually) and heading to Brodick, Arran, for the next stop on our ‘No to Hunterston’ Roadshow. We’ve been working…

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Big biomass – big problems

On the face of it biomass may seem like an attractive option to generate electricity and produce energy from heat. In reality biomass energy, especially large scale, creates more problems…

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Will electricity market reform help secure the Power of Scotland?

Duncan McLaren reflects on big developments in energy matters. Last week, the UK Government published its consultation on reforms to the electricity market to help meet carbon, cost and security…

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Cancun leaves fair climate deal on 'life-support'

As UN climate negotiations ended in Cancun, reactions have varied – even within the Friends of the Earth International network. But no one disputes that bare fact that there was…

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Cancun goes into extra time

Climate negotiations continue in Cancun, with the official end of the meeting passed some hours ago. I don’t intend to stay up all night trying to follow progress – as…

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Access to wikileaks

The relentless exposing of ‘secrets’ by wikileaks only serves to confirm the view held by many in both the global north and south: that powerful western democracies and business interests…

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