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How we created a new climate justice resource for young people

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland has just launched it’s brand new intro to climate justice booklet – created by young people, for young people. This easy to read A5…

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YFoES Climate Justice Reading List

We’ve compiled this list of resources to go along with our Introduction to Climate Justice booklet to help you to keep exploring different elements of climate justice. It’s a mix…

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The SNP manifesto’s climate and nature policies – the verdict

Does the SNP have good green policies? We’ve analysed their 2024 manifesto to find out if they deserve yo

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One week in post

My first week as Chief Executive is now past, and an eventful week it was too. viagra online pharmacy We held our annual AGM and hosted a conference on land…

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Coalition plan for nuclear subsidies exposed

The Coalition Agreement that formed the basis of the Conservative-Lib Dem Government last summer pledged to allow new nuclear power stations to be built ‘provided that they receive no public subsidy’. But MPs today echoed our own concerns that government’s Electricity Market Reform proposals will effectively provide subsidies to nuclear generators through new long term contracts and a carbon price floor that would hand them windfall profits.

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Young Friends of the Earth Europe get together in Germany

Friends of the Earth Scotland were invited to join with our European counterparts at the Network Gathering of Young Friends of the Earth Europe recently in Bad Nauheim in Germany….

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Why the doubters are wrong about green jobs in Scotland

The Scotsman printed a two page spread in the lead up to the Scottish election warning that the SNP’s target for 100% renewable electricity by 2020 would ‘wreak significant damage…

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RBS black affronted at AGM tarsands protest

What a beautiful day for an AGM! Just back from RBS HQ at Gogarburn where the bailed out bank was holding its annual general cheap generic cialis meeting. Friends of…

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Analysis: The manifestos so far

The SNP, Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have now all published their manifestos. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are doing a manifesto comparison once the Greens manifesto is published,…

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The other offshore tax regime

Guest blog by Greg Muttitt The lobby machine kicked into action following the announcement by George Osbourne of plans to raise £10 billion over the next 5 years from the…

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RBS: Making the Climate Weak…

Guest blog post by Iain Thom, World Development Movement Scotland “Would you let an arms company sponsor National Peace Week? How about the BNP sponsoring International Refugee Day, or Lambert…

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Looking forward to a weekend of work – and fun

Our campaigning and outreach skillshare is fast approaching and I am starting to look forward to it. Firstly, a weekend out of the city, with a chance to walk up…

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