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How we created a new climate justice resource for young people

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland has just launched it’s brand new intro to climate justice booklet – created by young people, for young people. This easy to read A5…

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YFoES Climate Justice Reading List

We’ve compiled this list of resources to go along with our Introduction to Climate Justice booklet to help you to keep exploring different elements of climate justice. It’s a mix…

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The SNP manifesto’s climate and nature policies – the verdict

Does the SNP have good green policies? We’ve analysed their 2024 manifesto to find out if they deserve yo

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UN climate negotiations claw their way to Cancun summit

A year on from climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the UN process has clawed its way to another summit, this time in the heat of Cancun, Mexico.

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Reunion 2: The diary of an Intern

The Start of the Adventure I had grand plans for the first day in my new office at Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels, that involved a pair of…

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Reunion 1

Last week, en route to a meeting of NGOs to discuss tar sands campaigning, I met up with two of our ex-interns in Brussels to catch up and see how…

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Full house at Richard Wilkinson lecture

Earlier this week Friends of the Earth Scotland and the University of Edinburgh Business School brought Richard Wilkinson – co-author with Kate Pickett of The Spirit Level – to Edinburgh…

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A budget for the climate?

Duncan McLaren reviews today’s Scottish Government budget and new climate change plans. Today in Holyrood pretty much all eyes were on the Scottish Government’s budget. Would John Swinney pull off…

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Access to Environmental Justice petition handed in

Our Access to Environmental Justice Campaign picked up pace last week as we dropped by the Scottish Parliament to hand in our petition asking the Parliament to investigate the barriers…

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Greener, healthier and wealthier: 42% Better

Duncan McLaren reflects on the media response to our new report 42% Better. Today one of my colleagues pointed out that when he came to work for Friends of the…

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Browner than Gordon?

Far from being the ‘greenest government ever’ this administration is proving browner than Gordon. It seems set to increase future burdens on the state, exacerbate inequalities and undermine potential for green growth.

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REDD: Good or Bad?

There have lots of mutterings about a mechanism called REDD (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) at the conference on Forests, Biodiversity and Indigenous People that I’m at in Penang, Malaysia But is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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