There is no more time to waste:  with groups across Europe we are working to win the fights against dirty energy and for clean energy that must be won to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Burning fossil fuels is a key driver of climate change. That’s why we are calling for a just transition to a 100% renewable, nuclear-free, zero-fossil-fuel Scotland by 2030.

We are part of the Fossil Free Europe Campaign – find out more!

To bring about our vision of a Fossil Free Scotland, we are campaigning to:

Ensure Scotland does its fair share to tackle the climate emergency

It’s decade zero in the fight to stop catastrophic climate change. We are tackling the root causes of global warming to help build a better future

Push for urgent action on air pollution

Air pollution causes over 2,500 early deaths in Scotland every year. Our vision is for clean and fair transport systems, where public transport, walking, and cycling are put on an equal footing with cars.

Move the money out of dirty energy

We are challenging Scottish councils, institutions, and investors to break financial ties with dirty energy as part of our campaign for Scotland to go fossil free.

Ban fracking now

Fracking is bad for the climate, bad for public health and threatens communities across Scotland. We are fighting to stop this new frontier of dirty fossil fuels.

Bring power to the people

We want communities to play a part in, and benefit from the transition to renewable energy. Bring power to the people means local people have a say and a stake in the benefits of renewable energy.

Secure a fair and just transition for all

Shifting our economy away from dependency on fossil fuels is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a fairer and more equal Scotland.