Without much tougher action here in Scotland and around the world we are facing runaway global warming. But we know another world is possible: tackling the root causes of climate change gives us a chance to stop its worst impacts and create a fairer and more equal world.

2016 was the hottest year on record. This surpassed the record set by 2015, which in turn beat 2014. People all over the world, including here in Scotland, are starting to feel the deadly effects of climate change.

Without a radical transformation of our economies and energy systems we face devastating climate change. This puts our ability to grow enough food at risk, increasing political instability and wiping out tens of thousands of plant and animal species.

What’s more, it is usually those who contributed least to the causes of climate change who will suffer most from its impacts.

The Scottish Parliament set world leading climate targets in 2009 and since then we’ve made huge strides in developing renewable energy alternatives to dirty fossil fuels. But we now know that climate action here in Scotland is not nearly enough to do our fair share of the global fight to halt catastrophic warming.

Scotland punches above our weight on the world stage as a climate leader. If we can show that tackling climate change means acting together to build a fairer and more equal society, we can encourage other nations to get on board and create an unstoppable momentum for change.

We must act faster on climate change!

Scotland’s new climate law is an important opportunity to play our part in keeping the planet to a safe temperature. But the proposals are too weak.

Email your MSPs today and urge them to use their powers in the Scottish Parliament to fix the Climate Change Bill. We need new targets of 77% reduction by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040 to do our fair share of avoiding climate catastrophe.

Scotland's new Climate Change Bill

The Scottish Government has recently published a new Climate Change Bill, but it doesn’t commit to the urgent action needed to tackle the climate crisis.

It fails to increase ambition in the vital next decade, and doesn’t set a date for net-zero emissions.

We’re campaigning to improve the Bill, but we need your help.