We are facing a climate crisis, with people around the world feeling the deadly effects of climate breakdown.

But we know another world is possible. Tackling the root causes of climate change gives us a chance to stop its worst impacts and create a fairer and more equal world.

Without a radical transformation of our economies and energy systems we face devastating climate breakdown. This puts our ability to grow enough food at risk, increasing political instability and wiping out tens of thousands of plant and animal species.

What’s more, it is usually those who contributed least to the causes of climate change who will suffer most from its impacts.

Friends of the Earth Scotland campaigns for radical action to cut climate emissions and end fossil fuels here in Scotland, and demanding climate justice for all.

UN Climate Summit Glasgow COP26

The UN Climate Summit (COP26) took place in Glasgow in November 2021.

We answer your key questions about the event and the key issues in the talks.

Why Carbon Capture and Storage is not the answer

Tackling the climate crisis requires urgent action to cut emissions and transform society, not years more delay in the hope that technology and the markets will provide the answer.

We explain why speculative technologies such as Carbon Capture and Storage, Hydrogen and BioEnergy are not real climate solutions.

An end to North Sea Oil & Gas

Our major ‘Sea Change’ report has revealed UK’s oil and gas drilling plans, and Scottish Government’s support for them, are incompatible with responding to the climate emergency.

The research also shows that, with the right policies and support, clean industries could create more than three jobs for every oil and gas job at risk.

Putting climate at the heart of recovery plans

Climate action and green jobs can help deliver a Just & Green Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic unfolded against a backdrop of climate breakdown, and has already cost tens of thousands of people their jobs in Scotland.

A programme of green job creation and climate action can create thousands of good jobs across the country while setting us on the right path to meet our climate targets and deliver a Just Transition away from fossil fuels.

Read our plan

Scotland's Response to the Climate Emergency

Expert speakers from across our economy and society came together to discuss how emissions could be reduced in key sectors at a pace to meet our climate commitments while building a fairer Scotland.

Presentations were recorded and you can catch up on the discussions in buildings, energy, circular economy, transport, agriculture, land use and marine and industry.

Demand Climate Justice!

Find out more about international climate action from the Paris Agreement to the IPCC, and how we work with our Friends of the Earth International network and other key allies to fight for climate justice.

Scotland's Climate Act

MSPs passed a Climate Change Bill for Scotland in September 2019

People power helped improve the Bill but it still falls short of what the Climate Emergency requires.

Find out what this new law does

Impacts of climate change

We look at the evidence on how the climate emergency will impact on Scottish people, wildlife and society.

We are members of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) – a civil society coalition of over 50 member groups campaigning together on climate change.