Scotland has banned fracking! 

Campaigners celebrate 40,000 signatures against fracking in Scotland

In October 2017 the Scottish Government announced a ban on fracking after a 6 year struggle that saw massive opposition to the industry across the country. The ban means that companies who wanted to frack for gas across vast parts of the central belt of Scotland won’t be able to. This effectively ends any hope the industry had of drilling in Scotland, and is another big step on the way to a fossil-free Scotland.

The ban is a huge victory for people-power, particularly for the communities on the frontline who have been campaigning against unconventional oil and gas these last six years. The ban adds Scotland to a growing list of countries and states who have put bans, moratoriums and other restrictions on the fracking industry, from France to Victoria, Maryland and Ireland.

But the fight’s not over…

Fracking in court

Ineos is going to court to challenge the Scottish Government’s decision to ban fracking. We are making a ground-breaking legal intervention in the case to support the ban. Our intervention sets out why we think the Government is actually required to ban fracking to ensure we meet our legally binding climate commitments.

Solidarity with England

England is the final frontier of fracking in Europe, with the UK Government increasingly isolated in its ongoing support for the industry. But everywhere fracking is proposed, local communities are fighting back. Find out more about what’s going on south of the border and how you can support the struggle.


Scottish Councils are Gambling on Fracking

Scottish Councils invest £406 million in 23 fracking companies. Given the ban in Scotland, it’s unacceptable for Councils to be profiting from this polluting industry overseas. The investments are held through the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme which provides pensions for local government and associated workers. Only Shetland’s Council pension fund, which is not invested in any company stocks, does not invest directly in fracking firms.

Read our report and find out about how you can get involved in the campaign to divest from fossil fuel companies

Learn about fracking

There's a wealth of evidence to show why fracking shouldn't be allowed to go ahead anywhere. Read our introduction to this dirty, dangerous industry and explore our in-depth briefings to learn more.

We look at the impact of fracking on our climate, health, local environment and debunk the industry’s economic claims. If you’re curious about fracking, then this is the place for you.

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