Fracking is bad for the climate, bad for public health and threatens communities across Scotland. We are fighting for an all out ban on this new frontier of dirty fossil fuels.

Scotland has banned fracking!

On October 24 the Scottish Parliament voted to support and strengthen the Scottish Government’s proposal to ban fracking! This effectively ends any hope the industry had of drilling in Scotland, and is another big step on the way to a fossil-free Scotland.

The ban is a huge victory for the anti-fracking movement, particularly for communities on the frontline who have been campaigning against unconventional oil and gas these last six years. Today’s decision will protect Scotland’s people and the environment from the dirty industry and boost the global fight against fracking.

In January 2015, following massive public opposition to plans for shale gas and coalbed methane extraction, the Scottish Government put a temporary halt on fracking.

It’s crucial that the Scottish Government bans the fracking industry before it gets a foothold. Ministers are now set to make a decision by the end of this year on whether to ban fracking or allow it go ahead.

We can’t afford to frack our future

Companies want to frack for gas across vast parts of the central belt of Scotland. Licenses have been granted, and plans drawn up. But fracking means opening up a new frontier of fossil fuels, which we cannot do if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The fracking industry also uses toxic chemicals many of which are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. The industry is linked to water, air and soil pollution and some very serious public health impacts.

People power can stop fracking

Communities are resisting fracking here in Scotland, and around the world. The number of states and regions with bans and moratoriums is growing all the time.

We are calling on the Scottish Government to ban fracking for good. When the Scottish Government asked people what they thought about fracking, over 40,000 people responded to the consultation calling for a ban. We are urging the Scottish Government to listen, and to pass a law banning fracking for good. A ban on fracking in Scotland will also help support resistance to the industry in England.

Learn about fracking

There's a wealth of evidence to show why fracking shouldn't happen in Scotland or anywhere else. Read our introduction to this dirty, dangerous industry and explore our in-depth briefings to learn more.

We look at the impact of fracking on our climate, health, local environment and debunk the industry’s economic claims. We also lay out where the political parties stand and explore whether Scotland can ban this industry. If you’re curious about fracking, then this is the place for you.

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The fracking consultation is over – what happens next?

Anti-fracking protestors with signs, Perth 2013People in Scotland have rejected fracking in huge numbers. There were over 60,000 responses to the consultation, the vast majority calling for an outright ban on the industry. The Scottish Government is currently carrying out an analysis of consultation responses and has committed to making a decision on the future of fracking before the end of the year.

MSPs will be invited to debate and vote on the issue, before Ministers make their minds up. However, Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse has made it clear that the Scottish Government will ‘respect the will’ of the Parliament.

We are preparing for a big push to pile pressure on MSPs do the right thing, and act to ban fracking. Sign up for updates to stay in touch with this campaign.

Thousands take action to speak out against fracking

Communities and campaign groups have been out on the streets, holding public meetings, film screenings and other events over the four month consultation period to get the word out about the risks that fracking and unconventional oil and gas extraction pose to public health and the environment.

A big crowd gathered outside the Scottish Parliament on Wed 31st May, as representatives of the Broad Alliance, Friends of the Earth and 38 degrees delivered thousands of consultation responses to Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse.

Fracking consultation responses handover