Fighting back against a new fossil fuel frontier

Communities on the frontline of fracking in Scotland were fighting the industry for 8 years.

Ministers put a moratorium in place 5 years before the Scottish Government finally confirmed a position of ‘no support’ for unconventional oil and gas extraction in 2019.

Stopping fracking was a huge win for people power.

The fact that there has been no fracking in Scotland is a huge victory for campaigners and communities

Fracking is unnecessary and unwanted

Fracking is a dirty, dangerous industry that is fiercely opposed wherever it is proposed.

It would have opened up a new source of fossil fuels when we need to rapidly phase them out for climate action.

Evidence from around the world shows that fracking brings local environmental damage, industrialisation and threatens people’s health.

How we stopped fracking

Fracking met a groundswell of opposition that saw thousands of people take to the streets demonstrating, running public meetings and street stalls.

Experts, campaigners and local people spoke out and put pressure on politicians to act.

Over 60,000 people responded to the public consultation in 2017 calling for the industry to be prevented from going ahead – a record at that time.

Community opposition

People across Scotland spoke out against fracking when it was proposed. Here is what they had to say.


“People power has won this victory, through persistent, creative, intelligent and collaborative campaigning and activism. It shows that together, we can make big change happen. A huge thanks to everybody who has played some part, big or small!”

Related work

Our work to stop fracking has progressed on to a wider campaign on fossil fuels.

We are also working for an end to exploration and drilling for oil and gas in UK waters.

We working with trade unions and other partners we can ensure a fair deal for workers and communities in the transition away from fossil fuels

We are resisted the fossil fuel industry backed ideas of Carbon Capture and Storage and Hydrogen whihc are delaying tactics to stop the end of new oil.