It’s time for Scotland to stop gambling on fossil fuels and invest sustainably.

Divestment challenges the legitimacy of climate-polluting companies and can unlock money to invest in green projects. Worldwide funds worth over $6 trillion have gone fossil free and Scotland has made a great start, with universities and churches taking action and some cultural institutions ending fossil fuel sponsorship.

We are challenging Scottish councils, institutions, and investors to break financial ties with companies driving the climate crisis.

Councils are fuelling the climate crisis

Oil, gas and coal companies have no future. Fossil fuels are the industry most responsible for the climate crisis and investing in these companies flies in the face of Scotland’s wider efforts to phase out fossil fuel cars and ban fracking.

Our councils invest £1.8 billion of their pension funds in fossil fuels.

Globally over 800 funds have gone fossil free. It’s time for Scotland’s councils to join them and divest.

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Scottish National Investment Bank

The Scottish Government announced in September 2017 they are creating a major new public bank: the Scottish National Investment Bank. If given the right mandate and leadership this new Bank could make the critical difference in funding a just transition to a low-carbon economy in Scotland.

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Scottish Councils gamble millions on fracking

Scottish Councils invest £406 million of pension fund money in companies carrying out fracking overseas. These firms include Exxon, BP and Range Resources, which has received record breaking fines for polluting water in Pennsylvania. The Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme is managed by elected Councillors and provides pensions for local government and associated workers. Scotland has a moratorium on fracking. Local Authorities should support steps to stop fracking both at home and internationally. By ending investments in companies fracking elsewhere in the world, Councils can use their financial clout to ensure we have a better future. Learn more about what your Council is invested in

Universities, churches and the arts are divesting

Glasgow University was the first in Europe to announce that it would divest from fossil fuels, paving the way for another five Scottish universities to make a divestment commitment. Forty-two UK universities have pledged to divest. The United Reform Church was the first faith-based organisation in Scotland to act. Last year the Church of Scotland voted to stop investing in coal companies and those involved in producing tar sands, a highly destructive form of oil extraction. After significant pressure from inside and outside, the Edinburgh International Festival ended their 34 year sponsorship deal with climate-wrecking BP. [b

Organisations committing to fully divest from all fossil fuels:

  • Glasgow Caledonian University (Nov 2017)
  • University of Abertay (Nov 2016)
  • University of the West of Scotland (Nov 2016)
  • Queen Margaret University (2015)
  • United Reform Church in Scotland (Mar 2015)
  • University of Glasgow (Oct 2014)

For a full list of the over 800 organisations which have divested globally click here.

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