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National Planning Framework reaction

Commenting on the publication of the draft National Planning Framework, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Director Dr Richard Dixon said: “Overall the draft National Planning Framework takes big steps in…

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No bailout for plastic producer Ineos, says international groups

Prominent activists, scientists, and groups urge UK & Scottish Government to protect the climate and environment – while prioritising long term stability for workers through green jobs

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Ineos admits defeat on Airth coalbed methane planning application

INEOS is withdrawing its planning application for unconventional gas extraction at Airth.

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Scottish Government confirm ‘no support for fracking’

Communities’ and campaigners’ efforts hailed in stopping this dangerous industry in Scotland.

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Minister set to announce final decision on fracking

Campaigners are calling for a full legal ban ahead of a Parliament announcement this week.

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Protest at SNP conference demands fracking ban law

Anti-fracking groups, community councillors and concerned citizens are protesting outside the SNP conference in Edinburgh today (Saturday 27 April) to demand the Scottish Government bans fracking in Scotland once and…

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Scottish Government Decision on Fracking Kicked Further Down Road

The Scottish Government has further delayed a final decision on fracking, launching an additional phase of consultation.

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Legal advice says Scottish Government can and should pass law to ban fracking

Legal opinion says Scottish Parliament can pass a law to ban fracking, and doing so would be less likely to result in successful legal challenge.

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Sturgeon must end fracking story with a full legal ban

The Scottish Government has today taken steps towards a final decision on fracking by publishing a Strategic Environmental Assessment of its preferred policy position of no support [1]. The SEA…

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