Polluted Politics: The fossil fuel lobby at Holyrood

How oil companies are using their power and influence to pressure MSPs into slowing down climate action.

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Shoring up Nicola Sturgeon’s climate legacy

After eight years, Scotland has a new First Minister. Under Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish Government made a lot of progress, but now it must go further and faster.

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FM Nicola Sturgeon with electric vehicles/ credit: SP Energy networks

The next 5 years for Scotland’s environment

What did the SNP manifesto promise on climate change and the environment?

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Why the new Scottish Parliament must kick-start our transition to a circular economy

Developing opportunities for businesses working on a circular economy in Scotland would reduce our contribution to the climate crisis.

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Photo of a Scottish First Bus by eastleighbusman / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)

Scotland’s new MSPs should commit to free bus travel

Free bus travel is an idea which is spreading rapidly and growing in popularity. Election candidates should commit to making it happen in Scotland in the next Parliament.

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Anti-Fracking protestors outside Scottish Parliament

Celebrating progress for the environment in the past 5 years

It is worth pausing to remember that the last five years have seen some remarkable progress.

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Climate campaigners urge MSPs for a strong Climate Change Bill

Climate plans get a grilling

Pressure is on politicians to deliver Climate Plans that take the action necessary.

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What’s next for Scotland’s circular economy?

Almost a year after Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill was postponed, we look ahead to what’s next for Scotland’s transition to a circular economy.

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Brexit’s threat to the environment

Key safeguards are subject to fierce disagreement and standards are under threat from Trade Deals.

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