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‘Scathing judgement’ on Scottish climate plans from advisors

Environmental campaigners have said the the UK Committee on Climate Change has delivered a ‘scathing judgement’ of the Scottish Government’s climate efforts in their latest progress report published today (7/12/22)…

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Inverness city centre street to undergo radical change

Highland Council will revamp Academy Street in Inverness to reduce traffic and create space for walking and cycling.

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Transport campaigners protest for fair fares

Transport campaigners in Glasgow submitted a petition to the regional transport authority and asked them to use new bus powers to plan a connected, affordable bus network.

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Air quality watchdog says councils aren’t doing enough to protect health

Campaigners have welcomed a report from an independent body that reveals air pollution in Scotland isn’t being dealt with.

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Pop-up park Munich

Car Free Day: Campaigners call for action

Environmental campaigners say that all councils in Scotland should be working to reduce the numbers of cars on the road, as people across the country celebrate Car Free Day. Today…

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Programme for Government 2022-23 reaction

Commenting on the Scottish Programme for Government, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s head of campaigns Mary Church said: “There is a welcome recognition in the Programme for Government that the…

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New report shows link between air pollution and dementia

Campaigners say bold action to limit traffic is needed as a new report showing the links between air pollution and dementia is released.

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Climate emissions drop due to pandemic restrictions

The drop in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, published by the Scottish Government today (7 June 2022), was due to reduced car traffic during lockdown, say campaigners. The statistics, which…

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Young cyclists take to their bikes to demand safer streets

Almost 500 young cyclists in Edinburgh and Inverness took to the streets this weekend to demand action is taken to make the streets safer for cycling.  The events, run by…

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