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Report: Carbon Capture & Storage

11th January 2021, by Ryan Morrison

Tyndall Centre report:  A Review of the Role of Fossil Fuel-Based Carbon Capture and Storage in the Energy System, January 2021 With significant reliance being placed on Carbon Capture and Storage technology in Scottish and UK Government climate plans, together with Global Witness we commissioned research from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.  The...

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Offshore: Oil and gas workers’ views on industry conditions and the energy transition

29th September 2020, by Ryan Morrison

Report shares survey results and testimonies of offshore oil and gas workers on industry conditions, life offshore generally and the energy transition.

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Just Transition Partnership 2021 Manifesto

25th September 2020, by Ryan Morrison

Just Transition Partnership Manifesto for Scottish Parliament elections in 2021

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A Green Jobs Recovery

9th September 2020, by Caroline Rance

As Scotland faces rising and record levels of unemployment in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, our paper sets out how climate action and green jobs can contribute to a Just and Green Recovery in Scotland. Urgent government intervention is required to boost investment, to create good jobs for the thousands of people made unemployed...

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Transport in a net-zero future

2nd July 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Road transport is Scotland’s biggest climate polluter. We must urgently change the ways we get around. This briefing describes the sustainable transport system we need, and how we get there.

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Sea Change: Climate Emergency, Jobs and Managing the Phase-Out of UK Oil and Gas Extraction

15th May 2019, by Mary Church

Report reveals the climate impact of North Sea oil and gas extraction, and urges UK and Scottish Governments to prioritise a job-creating energy transition.

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Legal opinion on whether the Scottish Parliament can ban fracking

25th March 2019, by admin

A legal opinion from one of Scotland's leading advocates that says the Scottish Parliament can pass a law to ban fracking.

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Scottish Government fracking policy position in October 2018

21st March 2019, by admin

Scottish Government's Preferred Policy Position on Fracking, published in October 2018.

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