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Fighting back against carbon capture and hydrogen greenwash

We have been working hard to end the Scottish Government’s dangerous over-reliance on carbon capture and hydrogen in so called ‘negative emissions technologies.’

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Putting workers at the heart of a just transition away from oil and gas

We’ve been meeting with oil and gas workers, campaigning alongside trade unions to transform our economy and supporting communities on the frontline of the fossil fuels in Scotland.

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woman standing behind 'Friends of the Earth' table

We went to Peterhead to talk to people about the new gas-fired power station

People stopped to discuss the fossil fuel industry, local employment, the climate crisis and the history of the Peterhead Power Station. 

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Access to wikileaks

The relentless exposing of ‘secrets’ by wikileaks only serves to confirm the view held by many in both the global north and south: that powerful western democracies and business interests…

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Constructive in Cancun?

In a pleasant contrast to last year’s Copenhagen summit, the news from Cancun – in the last day or two – has primarily focused on the content of the negotiations,…

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Cancun enters second week with doublespeak and bullying

Supporters of the Accord are indulging in modern day double-speak – describing the Accord approach with the wonderful term ‘a balanced agreement’ … trying to give the impression that the Protocol is unbalanced.

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Kyoto vs Copenhagen in Cancun

The battle between the Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Accord has come to the fore. Mexico is rumoured to be prepared to table a draft text based on the Accord,…

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Show us the money: Cancun negotiators talk cash

Duncan McLaren updates on the climate summit. Finance continues to dominate discussions inside and outside the talks in Cancun. The arbitary numbers being bandied around – both for so-called ‘Fast…

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Looking back at our fundraising month

November 2010 has seen Friends of the Earth Scotland’s first ever fundraising month – Our Planet Your Passion – take place.  We have dressed up as penguins, strutted our stuff…

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UN climate negotiations claw their way to Cancun summit

A year on from climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the UN process has clawed its way to another summit, this time in the heat of Cancun, Mexico.

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Reunion 2: The diary of an Intern

The Start of the Adventure I had grand plans for the first day in my new office at Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels, that involved a pair of…

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Reunion 1

Last week, en route to a meeting of NGOs to discuss tar sands campaigning, I met up with two of our ex-interns in Brussels to catch up and see how…

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