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Inverness is making changes for a cleaner, greener city

The Highland Council is deciding on plans to prioritise people over cars by making big changes to Academy Street.

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Shoring up Nicola Sturgeon’s climate legacy

After eight years, Scotland has a new First Minister. Under Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish Government made a lot of progress, but now it must go further and faster.

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From concerned locals to national change: How Dovesdale Action Group built power and won

The Dovesdale Action Group’s inspiring story of resistance against incineration expansion plans shows us how building community power can spark national change.

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Analysis: The manifestos so far

The SNP, Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have now all published their manifestos. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are doing a manifesto comparison once the Greens manifesto is published,…

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The other offshore tax regime

Guest blog by Greg Muttitt The lobby machine kicked into action following the announcement by George Osbourne of plans to raise £10 billion over the next 5 years from the…

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RBS: Making the Climate Weak…

Guest blog post by Iain Thom, World Development Movement Scotland “Would you let an arms company sponsor National Peace Week? How about the BNP sponsoring International Refugee Day, or Lambert…

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Looking forward to a weekend of work – and fun

Our campaigning and outreach skillshare is fast approaching and I am starting to look forward to it. Firstly, a weekend out of the city, with a chance to walk up…

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Fukushima update from Friends of the Earth US

This is news from our expert colleagues at Friends of the Earth US who have been closely monitoring the situation at Fukushima.

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Climate change and the weather

As environmental campaigners, we get a lot of questions from the public about climate change, the weather and what effect it has on Scotland and the world. This is a…

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Unhealthy bank = unhealthy results

Bailed out Royal Bank of Scotland yesterday announced losses of £1.13 billion, and in the same breath awarded themselves £950 million in bonuses. These unhealthy results reflect the unhealthy investment…

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Guest blog: Why big biomass is not sustainable

The Forth Energy biomass power schemes Critical appraisal of the carbon balance,  from Dr Ulrich Loening Renewable energy has finally become government policy. However the proposal by Forth Energy to…

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Campaigners get fired up over Leith Biomass power plant

Yesterday (17 February) we got to meet local Leith residents, who are up in arms about Forth Energy’s plan to build a new power plant at the Leith Docks. The…

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