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SSE is pulling the wool over your eyes!

People protested SSE’s fossil fuel expansion plans as the company announced £2.4billion annual profits.

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Equinor AGM protest: resisting new fossil fuels

The Norwegian oil giant’s plan to build new fossil fuel infrastructure both on and offshore must be stopped.

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Publicly owned renewable energy is crucial for a just transition

We need to embed public ownership and control into our energy system.

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Reflection on the Life of Nelson Mandela: Guest Blog

By Bobby Peek, Director of groundWork (as hosted on Friends of the Earth South Africa blog) The environmental justice movement, and indeed my own environmental justice activism is grounded by…

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Guest blog from COP 19 – Jo O’Neill

Guest blog by Jo O’Neill (from SCIAF) written at COP 19 in Warsaw (Sunday 24th November 2013) In the dying hours of the climate talks last night activists took to…

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COP 19 in Warsaw – Jo O’Neill

Guest blog from Jo O’Neill, Policy Officer at SCIAF (Saturday 23rd November 2013, written from COP 19 in Warsaw) Here at the national football stadium in Warsaw, the COP has…

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Warsaw, Thursday 21 November 2013: It’s a COP19-out

It’s been brewing since Copenhagen 2009, and today it finally happened. An estimated 800+ civil society observers – led by groups from the global south – walked out of the…

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Blog 4: COP19 Warsaw – does it care?

The Polish Government has a funny sense of humour. Having plastered the COP19 slogan ‘I care’ all over Warsaw, in an intensely irritating font, it set about doing its best…

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Acronyms and Ambition, COP19 Warsaw 19 November

Today’s COP coverage is a guest blog from SCIAF’s Jo O’Neill  It is a process infamous for its breath-taking use of acronyms and today the UN climate negotiations acquired a…

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Blog 2: COP19, Warsaw 18 November 13

The Polish police are very useful to those of us with a poor sense of direction navigating between conference venues and demonstrations. It’s hard to miss the Robo-cop lookalikes with…

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COP19, Warsaw 16 November

Arrived in Warsaw on Friday afternoon as the first week of the annual climate talks was drawing to a close.  Sadly it seems that despite the disastrous but impeccably timed…

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Nuclear power, still no thanks

I grew up in Devon and my father fought against the proposed new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in neighbouring Somerset, including attending the lengthy public inquiry in the late 1980s. Sadly, the government learnt from this experience and made sure the more recent public inquiry wasn’t allowed to talk about big issues like whether we actually need new nuclear reactors.

Nuclear is the ultimate unsustainable form of energy, leaving wastes which are dangerous for a thousand generations to come. During the first Hinkley inquiry I saw a poster stating ‘If the Romans had had nuclear reactors, we’d still be guarding the waste.’ I thought this was a great way to bring home the absurdity of nuclear. It was only later that I realised that of course the poster should really have said Cro-Magnon Man instead of the Romans, since we’ll need to be guarding that waste not for 2,000 years but for 25,000 years.

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