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Changing Scotland’s material use: a year of progress

In 2022, people across Scotland have been busily planning how to create a circular economy and it’s great that we’ve started to see progress in changing how we use materials in Scotland.

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climate protestor at COP27 standing in front of many multicoloured banners

COP27: Outcomes from the climate talks and what it means for action in Scotland

What happened at the talks in Egypt and how it will impact our work at home.

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The best Black Friday deal this year: spend nothing

The scale of discounts on offer this Black Friday is designed to create a feeding frenzy of consumerism.

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Cycling past the heart of the oil industry

Last weekend 15 people in illuminous waterproofs cycled past four of the 10 biggest polluters in Scotland. It was our annual Friends of the Earth Scotland campaigners’ meet-up and members…

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Young Friends of the Earth Europe get busy in Bonn

I’ve just arrived back from an international meeting in Germany with Young Friends of the Earth Europe (Young FoEE) members from six countries. We were based at a climate camp…

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Climate targets rejected, but no excuses for delaying action

Last week I wrote about the challenge laid down by the Scottish Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change committee. This week the row reached the main chamber, with a formal…

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Scrap or spin?

It is probably the last thing on your mind after the gloriously warm weekend we have just enjoyed, but today (24 May) is the opening day for applications to the…

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Scottish political climate consensus creaking at the seams

Those listening closely may have heard a creaking sound emanating from Holyrood this afternoon. Not the sound of another roof beam falling in, but the sound of the all party…

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Con-Dem nation?

Well it’s been quite a few days hasn’t it? As the dust settles on a new Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government, or a ‘ConDem’ nation as some have disparagingly coined it, what…

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Spill, baby, spill

While here in the UK we await the results of negotiations to secure a “strong and stable government”, the people of Louisiana, USA, are waking every morning to an even…

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Dust yet to settle over hung Parliament

The dust from Thursday’s election looks set to hang around almost as long as the ash from Eyjafjallajökull. Despite the shrill calls from the right-wing press, a Cameron premiership is…

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People’s Charter for RBS

Billboards around the country proudly announce the Royal Bank of Scotland’s 14 vague commitments to improve customer services. So, we have launched an alternative People’s Charter for RBS, outlining a…

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