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What’s happened with Scotland’s transport this year?

We look at the progress that’s been made in improving public transport and reducing car use in Scotland this year.

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Why we collapsed a huge house of cards outside the Scottish Parliament

Despite the clear evidence of climate breakdown, the Scottish Government is considering approving the building of a new gas burning power station in Peterhead.  

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Scotland’s council pension funds pour £2bn into fossil fuel industry

£2 billion from council pension funds in Scotland is invested in fossil fuel companies, including some of the world’s worst polluters.

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Government stalling on Aarhus compliance?

The Scottish Government’s proposals for new rules of court on Protective Expense Orders published last month are as disappointing as they are late. Codification of the rules of court on…

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Move Your Money Month: find a bank that shares your ethics

Ever feel frustrated that your hard earned pennies are being pumped into coal-mining, cluster bombs or credit default swaps? Then March is the month to move it! Today is the…

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Rosyth locals not aware of biomass plans

By Ana Dragalina, Friends of the Earth Scotland volunteer. Last Saturday we paid a visit to the people of Rosyth, Fife, and had a chat with them about one of…

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Take action on big biomass in Scotland

At Friends of the Earth Scotland, we believe there is a space for small, community-owned biomass boilers making use of heat and using locally sourced wood.

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A year of extremes

2011 wasn’t a great year for the environment or the climate, and, after this year, few of us will be in any doubt about what is meant by the term ‘extreme weather’.

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Durban: Kyoto Protocol weakened and developing countries bullied

If you read the EU commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard’s summary of the outcomes of the Durban climate summit, it sounds like the talks were a great success. Hedegaard…

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More ludicrous than lycra: stuck in the 80s

I never thought that trying to save the world would involve donning blue eye-shadow, woolly leg warmers, and blindingly bright 1980s gear! Thanks to Friends of the Earth Scotland’s recent…

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RBS and Climate Week – who dumped who?

Good news in a guest post from Kev Smith at Platform, a group we’ve been working with on our Clean Up RBS campaign. News has reached us that RBS isn’t…

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The Hunterston coal power proposal and access to environmental justice in Scotland

The Hunterston case was brought by Marco McGinty, a bird-watcher from Largs who visits the site on an almost daily basis. With the support from a number of NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Scotland, the local community and a solicitor called Frances McCArtney, Marco lodged a judicial review in September 2009 against the Scottish Government over the inclusion of Hunterston in the second National Planning Framework.

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