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Gracie Bradley departs as Director

We are grateful for her important work which has helped ensure the organisation has a clear campaigning direction and is in a good place looking to the future.  

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The destruction of Palestine’s environment 

The war in Gaza has created a human and environmental catastrophe in what was one of the world’s poorest and most densely populated places.

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Could moving past growth protect the planet?

Degrowth offers an alternative future, one where everyone’s needs are met so we have more time to spend doing what we love with who we love.

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The Hunterston coal power proposal and access to environmental justice in Scotland

The Hunterston case was brought by Marco McGinty, a bird-watcher from Largs who visits the site on an almost daily basis. With the support from a number of NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Scotland, the local community and a solicitor called Frances McCArtney, Marco lodged a judicial review in September 2009 against the Scottish Government over the inclusion of Hunterston in the second National Planning Framework.

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Back to the future to stand up for our environment?

In June this year, Friends of the Earth Scotland became the first Scottish NGO (and the first environmental NGO in the UK) to intervene in a case at the UK Supreme Court.

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It’s time to put funding behind words

It’s been pointed out endlessly, not the least by the Scottish Government, that we have a world leading climate law in Scotland. The targets in the act are good and necessary, but what we need now is action, and funding in place, to be able to reach those targets.

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Valuable work experience as an intern

Last December, I graduated with a Masters in Environmental Law, but felt unemployable. What I needed was some hands-on work experience where I could see what environmental campaigners do, and have a go at campaigning myself.

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Young Friends of the Earth Europe Summer Camp 2011

Young Friends of the Earth Europe have an annual summer camp which is a fantastic opportunity for campaigners aged 18-30 to get together for training and skill share sessions that help build their internal organisations and the European network as a whole.

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Would you pedal for Friends of the Earth Scotland?

Do the green thing and take part in this year’s Pedal for Scotland bike ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh, get fit and raise funds for the environment, all at the same time. Friends of the Earth Scotland is one of the nominated charities in the freshnlo Pedal for Scotland cycle challenge 2011.

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The ghost of nuclear past

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in March this year, while ongoing, has slipped down the news agenda over the summer. It has been pushed outside our immediate attention by the economy…

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Environmental campaigns and the public ‘zeitgeist’

I recently blogged about the importance of tapping into a certain public spirit or desire for change at a given point of time, to run a winnable campaign. This ‘zeitgeist’…

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A bit of a tram-a-lama ding dong…

I spent some time this morning making my first ever deputation to a full meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council. The Council will vote this evening on whether to…

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