How to minimise your risk from air pollution

10 top tips to help protect yourself and your family from harmful pollution

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Scotland’s Most Polluted Streets in 2021

Scotland broke air pollution limits again in 2021. These are the streets that had the worst levels of pollution.

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12 big wins from 2021

2021 was undoubtedly the biggest year of climate action in Scotland’s history. We’re celebrating some of the wins.

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Photo of a Scottish First Bus by eastleighbusman / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)

Scotland’s new MSPs should commit to free bus travel

Free bus travel is an idea which is spreading rapidly and growing in popularity. Election candidates should commit to making it happen in Scotland in the next Parliament.

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Anti-Fracking protestors outside Scottish Parliament

Celebrating progress for the environment in the past 5 years

It is worth pausing to remember that the last five years have seen some remarkable progress.

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Safer streets are slowly on their way

The Scottish Government is finally backing 20mph and safer streets – years after blocking action in Parliament

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Tackling traffic can help take us where we need to go

Reducing traffic can make our towns more liveable and boost climate fight.

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Scotland’s Most Polluted Streets in 2020

COVID-19 restrictions saw traffic fall briefly in Spring 2020, bringing pollution averages under legal limits

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Electric cars recharging in Glasgow's Merchant City

Electric vehicles advance as part of the transport answer

End date of fossil fuelled cars is good news but our transport system much change in larger ways.

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