Official advisors call for more detail on Scotland’s climate plans

Climate advisors take tough new line with the Scottish Government on their plans.

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Burning trees will not save us from the climate crisis

At scale BECCS would involve creating huge mono-culture Sitka spruce plantations, and building new biomass power stations.

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Hydrogen comes in many colours but are any the right climate choice ?

Scotland is debating the role of hydrogen technology in our future.

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Reliance on Fossil Fuel CCS cannot solve climate crisis, new research shows

Despite huge government and industry backing CCS cannot be expected in the energy sector until the 2030s, risking 1.5oC during the crucial next decade.

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Forward and back on climate

Good climate commitments are being undermined by UK and Scottish Government faith in far-off technical fixes.

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Native woodland in the Cairngorms

Carbon pipe dreams

The new Climate Plan risks relying on a dodgy technology called BECCS – Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture & Storage

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No false solutions

To effectively tackle the roots of the climate crisis while achieving social justice and restoring nature, we need to fight for the right – not just any – climate solutions.

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Three Scottish councils invest in wind energy directly. Photo by the EWEA.

Energy choices for the climate

As we seek to reduce climate emissions even faster we are in serious danger of backing the wrong horse.

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