Anti-Fracking protestors outside Scottish Parliament

Celebrating progress for the environment in the past 5 years

It is worth pausing to remember that the last five years have seen some remarkable progress.

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Gas imports clash with fracking ban

A French energy giant has abandoned a 7 bilion dollar deal to import fracked gas from the US due to climate concerns.

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Grangemouth Complex, Scotland 2017

How fracking in America makes Scotland the home of plastic production

As global plastic production increases, we look at where all the plastic is actually coming from.

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Person holding a sign at a protest

Can the law save the planet?

A very important legal case in the Netherlands shows the power of the law in protecting the planet.

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What People Power achieved in 2019

Highlights from our campaigning to protecting our climate and environment in 2019.

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The end of the road for fracking in Scotland

The Scottish Government finally confirms a position of ‘no support’ for fracking.

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Environmental highlights 2018

Highlights from our campaign work protecting Scotland’s environment in 2018.

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Scottish Councillors urged to divest pensions from fracking firms

Councils are profiting from an industry that isn’t permitted in Scotland.

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Pressure builds for a legal ban as fracking licence extended

Scottish Ministers have extended a fracking licence in the central belt for 12 months

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