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How we created a new climate justice resource for young people

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland has just launched it’s brand new intro to climate justice booklet – created by young people, for young people. This easy to read A5…

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YFoES Climate Justice Reading List

We’ve compiled this list of resources to go along with our Introduction to Climate Justice booklet to help you to keep exploring different elements of climate justice. It’s a mix…

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The SNP manifesto’s climate and nature policies – the verdict

Does the SNP have good green policies? We’ve analysed their 2024 manifesto to find out if they deserve yo

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Hurricane Irma: “These heavy polluters ought to take responsibility for climate change.”

As Hurricane Irma devastates Caribbean islands, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda calls on rich countries to take responsibility for climate change.

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The greenest ever Programme for Government?

Scotland’s new Programme for Government contains a number of very significant steps forward on climate change and the environment.

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Poster for Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Sequel

It’s time for Scotland’s climate change sequel

A decade after Al Gore first brought climate change to the big screen, he’s back in cinemas now with the follow up, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’. This next chapter comes at a time when Scotland is writing the sequel to our own climate story, but will our new Climate Act be a blockbuster or a flop?

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Young FoEE outside Dutch gas site

Young FoE Europe visit Dutch gasfields

90 young activists from all corners of Europe to participate in the Young Friends of the Earth Europe Summer Camp in Drouwen, Netherlands. They visited people in Groningen suffering from earthquakes caused by gas extraction nearby.

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Let’s not give Trump what he wants on climate

You may have seen the news this week that Trump’s US Department of Agriculture has ordered all staff to stop using the term ‘climate change’ and not to talk about…

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Air Pollution Image

The environmental dimension of Brexit

The European Union is far from perfect but it has been the source of almost all environmental legislation and standards in Scotland. 

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Plane taking off

Who will really benefit from the new Air Departure Tax?

MSPs will today approve the Air Departure Tax (Scotland) Bill, giving the Scottish ministers the power to set air travel tax for the first time. But who will be the winners and losers be from these changes?

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Scotland needs to build on climate success

We need much tougher climate targets if we are to meet our promises under the Paris Agreement.

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Walk, Cycle, Vote - Glasgow - Sat 17 December 2016 - (photographer Andy Catlin) -6622

Transport needs to go back to the drawing board on climate change

Transport is the largest sector of climate emissions for Scotland. Unfortunately, the Government department responsible don’t seem to have any innovative thinking on how to head off demand or encourage walking, cycling or public transport.

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