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Inverness is making changes for a cleaner, greener city

The Highland Council is deciding on plans to prioritise people over cars by making big changes to Academy Street.

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Shoring up Nicola Sturgeon’s climate legacy

After eight years, Scotland has a new First Minister. Under Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish Government made a lot of progress, but now it must go further and faster.

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From concerned locals to national change: How Dovesdale Action Group built power and won

The Dovesdale Action Group’s inspiring story of resistance against incineration expansion plans shows us how building community power can spark national change.

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Good green jobs at Alexander Dennis under threat

Retaining, and expanding, these kinds of jobs are essential for Scotland’s economy and combating climate change.

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How much is your Council spending on safer streets?

We reveal the disparity in what Councils are spending on creating space for safe social distancing.

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Air pollution reductions from coronavirus have come at a huge social cost

Any pollution falls may be temporary, unevenly distributed and there was no intention to even achieve this.

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Lothian bus going to Holyrood

Transport habits headed for major change

SNP-Greens Budget deal to provide free bus travel for under 19s could cut climate emissions & air pollution.

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FM Nicola Sturgeon with electric vehicles/ credit: SP Energy networks

The rise and rise of electric vehicles

We’re missing opportunities to phase out fossil fuelled cars.

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Six things you didn’t know about air pollution

These revelations about air pollution will take your breath away.

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Taxis on Glasgow Hope Street

Our Streets of Shame

Our round up of Scotland’s most polluted streets shows more action on transport is needed.

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Europe’s environmental crises

A hard-hitting official report reveals the depth of Europe’s climate and nature crisis, and suggests much-needed ways forward.

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Bunting on Albert Embankment © Stonehouse Photographic / WWF-UK (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Who would the climate vote for in this election?

Comparing the Party Manifesto’s promises on climate and the environment.

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