As we recover from the devastating impacts of coronavirus, we have a chance to transform our society for the better.

We must reprogramme our economy so that it works for people and the planet.

We must build back better to a fairer, greener Scotland that focuses on our collective wellbeing, with strong public services and a decent income for all.

The inequality exposed by coronavirus and the rapid pace of climate breakdown make clear that we can’t go back to the mistakes of the past that got us into this mess.

We can choose a better future

The choices politicians make now in this period of recovery plan will shape Scotland for decades to come.

The pandemic exposed a system that was already failing so many people in society.

As the cost of living continues to rise, help is needed more than ever.

We can’t write a blank cheque to big polluters or restart parts of the economy that only worked for the wealthy.

A recovery plan that prioritises people and planet

We must take this chance to build a fairer, greener Scotland through the recovery.

By doing our fair share of climate action and ensuring a Just Transition for workers, we can create good, green jobs across the country.

We can build a more engaged society where everyone has a say in the decisions that affect them.


What we have done

  • Over 80 organisations in Scotland came together to call for a Just and Green Recovery from the impacts of the pandemic.
  • We wrote to the First laying out our steps for a Green Recovery.
  • We ran training sessions to skill people up to campaign on the issues that matter to them
  • We put pressure on politicians to deliver the transformative change our society needs.

Decision makers must be focused on rebuilding from the pandemic as well as delivering the transformative action needed to achieve Scotland’s 2030 climate commitments. Achieving this requires nothing short of reprogramming the economy so that it improves people’s lives and creates green jobs, while driving down emissions.

Woman holds painted sign saying 'Recovery for People and Planet'