a large group of people holding a red banner with white letters reading system change not climate change

COP26: little progress on the key issues so far

Boris Johnson will claim great progress in Glasgow but on the real issues little has been achieved, with talks expected to run late.

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Backwards COP26 looks set up to fail

It is a bad sign to have the world leaders turn up at the start rather than the end.

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Protestors at the UN climate talks hold a banner reading 'No carbon markets'

Carbon markets’ history of failures mean focus must be on real pollution cuts

Big polluters are pushing Carbon Markets at COP26 but they have a history of failure and could worsen inequality

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Climate talks legitimacy called into question as most impacted people are excluded

If those most impacted by the climate crisis are not at the table, how can COP26 come up with an outcome that is fair and legitimate?

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Support the COP26 strikes – they show us the power we need to tackle climate change

In their fight for fair pay and proper investment in essential services, these workers are demonstrating the power that we must build everywhere to tackle the climate crisis at its roots.

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It’s a consensus: the public want urgent action

The public know their actions matter, but they also know governments and politicians need to take the lead in delivering meaningful action.

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Going Green in Africa

Despite its huge renewable energy potential most African countries are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. It’s time to turn that around.

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China ending support for coal must hasten its demise

Until now Chinese state finance has been crucial in building coal plants across Africa.

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Climate change could impact Scotland’s drinking water

New research shows how a changing climate will harm Scotland’s peatlands spelling trouble for drinking water supplies.

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