Civil society is kept out by UN security at climate talks in Madrid. Photo: Global Forest Coalition

Corporate-captured climate talks ignores peoples’ demands for climate justice

Key fights at the UN climate conference COP25 in Madrid show Governments fighting for fossil fuel companies rather than a liveable future.

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CAN presents the Fossil of the Day Award to the USA at UN climate conference in Madrid

Fossil of the Day

The awards are given to countries or groups of countries which have been particularly obstructive or disingenuous in the climate negotiations.

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Protestors at the UN climate talks hold a banner reading 'No carbon markets'

We can’t buy our way out of the climate crisis

Carbon markets are being pushed by big corporations at the UN climate talks, but decades of experience tells us they won’t cut emissions.

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Rich countries must pay their climate debt

We all know that the rich countries and big polluting corporations who have contributed most to the climate crisis must be the ones to cut their emissions first and fastest. But we talk less often about the financial debt that they owe.

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Climate tipping points

Scientists are sounding the alarm about the risk of passing climate tipping points, leading to ever more dangerous impacts.

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Key issues at the 2019 climate talks

A look ahead at the big issues at the UN climate talks in Madrid, 2-13 December.

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Activists protest against fracking at Grangemouth

Out of time on oil

A new report on the gap between the climate change goals and oil and gas ambitions shows that the current double-think can’t go on.

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Protestors gather in Santiago, Chile October 2019

International Climate Justice response to UN Climate Conference relocation

International civil society reaffirms solidarity with Chileans who are rising against austerity and growing inequalities; and condemns the violent repression and human rights violations.

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Paris Climate Conference Hall

Why last minute relocation of UN climate conference is a disaster for many

Last minute switch of the UN Climate Conference from Chile to Spain risks excluding Latin American and other Global South voices.

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