5 ways to take climate action after COP26

We can keep up the momentum and keep building a beautiful and powerful movement to create a better world.

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COP26: Why we left with hope

COP26 drew to a close almost a fortnight ago, and amidst getting some much needed rest, we’ve had time to reflect on the two weeks that world leaders were in Glasgow. 

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Fossil fuels escape action in Glasgow COP-out

Big polluters will be happy with the outcomes of COP26.

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a large group of people holding a red banner with white letters reading system change not climate change

COP26: little progress on the key issues so far

Boris Johnson will claim great progress in Glasgow but on the real issues little has been achieved, with talks expected to run late.

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Backwards COP26 looks set up to fail

It is a bad sign to have the world leaders turn up at the start rather than the end.

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Protestors at the UN climate talks hold a banner reading 'No carbon markets'

Carbon markets’ history of failures mean focus must be on real pollution cuts

Big polluters are pushing Carbon Markets at COP26 but they have a history of failure and could worsen inequality

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Climate talks legitimacy called into question as most impacted people are excluded

If those most impacted by the climate crisis are not at the table, how can COP26 come up with an outcome that is fair and legitimate?

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Less than 100 days until UN climate talks – can they deliver?

As frustrating and imperfect as the COP process is, the annual meetings are vitally important.

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Ingredients for the perfect climate plan

Scotland will lay out lay our climate targets and plans to get there, as part of the UN climate talks COP26.

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