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Get involved in Car Free Day 2022

Car Free Day takes place every year to encourage us to reimagine our transport system. It is an opportunity to think about how we move around and what changes we…

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Young people, climate justice and workers’ rights

Reflections on an event bringing together young climate activists and trade unionists to learn from one another and think about how we can better work together.

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Environmentalists have to take on economics!

Until we change the ways in which our economy works, ‘business-as-usual’ will continue to drive environmental destruction and climate breakdown. 

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MPs miss opportunity to remove barrier to energy transition

MPs voted against the plan to cut training costs and duplication for people wanting to move into renewable energy.

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Business trying to delay energy transition away from fossil fuels

The industry has realised they are losing the argument badly and things are about to get serious.

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What happened at our COP26 Just Transition Hub?

The Just Transition Hub, organised by Friends of the Earth Scotland, Platform, STUC, TUC, War on Want and the Just Transition Partnership.

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12 big wins from 2021

2021 was undoubtedly the biggest year of climate action in Scotland’s history. We’re celebrating some of the wins.

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After Cambo decison, workers and communities must steer the transition away from fossil fuels

Both governments must scale up renewable jobs and provide certainty for workers currently left at the whims of big fossil fuel companies.

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People must lead the transition for the North East of Scotland

The transition away from fossil fuels is a way to create a better society and protect the poorest from climate impacts

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Support the COP26 strikes – they show us the power we need to tackle climate change

In their fight for fair pay and proper investment in essential services, these workers are demonstrating the power that we must build everywhere to tackle the climate crisis at its roots.

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New report is a watershed moment for the transition away from UK oil and gas

New research has found that the UK has increased oil & gas reserves since declaring a climate emergency

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Another nail in the coffin for oil and gas?

The Scottish Government has promised a review of oil & gas but how can it reconcile fossil fuels with the neccesary climate action.

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