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Tips to cut your consumption this Christmas

In this guide, we’ll explore practical and meaningful ways to cut your consumption during the festive season, without losing out on any Christmas cheer.

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What’s happened with Scotland’s transport this year?

We look at the progress that’s been made in improving public transport and reducing car use in Scotland this year.

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Why we collapsed a huge house of cards outside the Scottish Parliament

Despite the clear evidence of climate breakdown, the Scottish Government is considering approving the building of a new gas burning power station in Peterhead.  

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Person holding a sign at a protest

Can the law save the planet?

A very important legal case in the Netherlands shows the power of the law in protecting the planet.

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Brexit threat to the environment

Our environmental progress could be under threat if we leave the European Union.

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The price of protecting the environment

Every week four people around the world are killed defending their communities and environment.

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Fracking: When is a Ban a Ban?

What the Ineos court defeat means for fracking in Scotland.

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Strong language on the final day of fracking challenge

The third day of INEOS and Reach CSG’s judicial review of the fracking ban drew to an early close, and with it, the substantive hearing as a whole.

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Dancing around handbags in the Court of Session

Day 2 of Ineos and Reach CGS’s judicial review of the ban on fracking

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INEOS legal challenge of fracking ban opens in Court

Ineos’ judicial review of the Scottish Government’s ban on fracking opens

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Why we are going to court to protect the fracking ban

Scotland’s fracking ban is vital – and arguably legally required – in the fight against catastrophic climate change.

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An Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland

We are working with Scottish Environment LINK to build support for an Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland which could play an important role navigating the complexities of the legal and planning system.

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