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Why we collapsed a huge house of cards outside the Scottish Parliament

Despite the clear evidence of climate breakdown, the Scottish Government is considering approving the building of a new gas burning power station in Peterhead.  

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Scotland’s council pension funds pour £2bn into fossil fuel industry

£2 billion from council pension funds in Scotland is invested in fossil fuel companies, including some of the world’s worst polluters.

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Let’s bring Strathclyde’s buses back into public control

Along with trade unions, health and poverty charities, student groups and more, we’re campaigning for buses in the Strathclyde region to be taken back into public control so that they are run for passengers, not for profit.

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The truth behind Shell’s big story

When it comes to Shell and the climate, we should be very wary.

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Royal Bank of Scotland: 10 years of climate campaigning

Creativity and crises over the last 10 years of the publicly-owned polluter.

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Scottish Councillors urged to divest pensions from fracking firms

Councils are profiting from an industry that isn’t permitted in Scotland.

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Breaking the power of fossil fuels: divestment at work

Divestment is giving companies a bad name and provoking productive debates within institutions.

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Challenging money and power: fossil free short films

Want to learn a bit more about fossil fuels, climate change, and the campaign to divest in Scotland?
We’ve pulled together this list of excellent short films you can watch right now.

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Campaign stories: Edinburgh University goes fossil free (finally!)

The successful five year campaign to divest Edinburgh University from fossil fuels should give heart to people everywhere who are campaigning for climate justice in their communities.

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New York City is taking on the fossil fuel industry

New York City, the World Bank, and major European investors have started exiting fossil fuels this winter. Could this be the big shift we’ve been waiting for?

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10th Scottish victory as Glasgow Caledonian divests from fossil fuels

Glasgow Caledonian University has committed to divest from fossil fuels as the momentum of the fossil free movement builds.

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The Deepwater Horizon disaster led to BP being given the largest environmental fine in US history. Photo by the US Coast Guard.

New report shows how council pensions are fuelling the climate crisis

Local government is undermining efforts to tackle climate change by investing £1.8 billion in oil, gas and coal companies, according to our new report.

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