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5 reasons carbon capture should not be relied upon to meet climate commitments

CCS has a long history of failure and is used by the oil industry as a greenwashing tactic.

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Feminist solutions to the climate crisis

Around the world, women and marginalised genders are more impacted by climate breakdown. We need to tackle it with feminist solutions.

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Incredible outfits shine a light on Scotland’s overconsumption

We put on a fashion show with outfits made from discarded materials to call on MSPs to support a circular economy.

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Closure of Longannet: End of coal, the beginning of the end for fossil fuels in Scotland

Find out more about our work to make Scotland fossil free within a generation at www.fossilfree.scot

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Happy (B)anniversary: One year on from the fracking moratorium

One year ago today, the Scottish Government took the plunge and announced a moratorium on shale gas fracking and coalbed methane. Although at the time there was a huge amount…

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Out, damned logo! Theatrical protest comes to Edinburgh Fest

By Jess Worth, BP or Not BP I never thought I was the kind of person who invaded stages. Raised by a Shakespeare buff, bookish in the extreme, my younger…

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The Budget and the Environment

On the face of it George Osborne’s Budget doesn’t say much about the environment. But if you dig into the details there is plenty to show that David Cameron’s claim…

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North Sea – transition from oil jobs to clean energy jobs essential

Last week the Pope produced his much-trailed encyclical on the environment. The core of this policy pronouncement was a strong message on the moral case to act on climate change. A…

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The other offshore tax regime

Guest blog by Greg Muttitt The lobby machine kicked into action following the announcement by George Osbourne of plans to raise £10 billion over the next 5 years from the…

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Cycling past the heart of the oil industry

Last weekend 15 people in illuminous waterproofs cycled past four of the 10 biggest polluters in Scotland. It was our annual Friends of the Earth Scotland campaigners’ meet-up and members…

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